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How To Relax And Rejuvenate Over The Holidays

On behalf of the entire Synergy Merchants team, we’d like to wish you an amazing holiday season! This year, everything has worked out so that all of the major holidays are being celebrated during the same time. Christmas, as always, is December 25th and Hanukkah takes place between Sunday, December 22nd and Monday, December 30th. Kwanzaa will be celebrated between Thursday, December 26th and Wednesday, January 1st, 2020.

No matter which holiday you celebrate – or even if you celebrate none at all – we hope the next couple of weeks provide you with the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. As a busy business owner, you may find this hard to do. But it’s important to remember just how important taking a break can be for your business. As Med Selig contends on, breaks increase productivity and creativity.

“Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion,” she informs, “Taking breaks refreshes the mind, replenishes your mental resources, and helps you become more creative. ‘Aha moments’ came more often to those who took breaks, according to research. Other evidence suggests also that taking regular breaks raises workers’ level of engagement which, in turn, is highly correlated with productivity.”

So what are the best ways to relax and rejuvenate over the holidays?

Spread the love.

Is there a better time of year to reach out to your long lost loved ones than the holiday season? If you’ve been out of touch with any of your friends and family members for a long time, make the next two weeks the time when you decide to reconnect.

“Giving someone a hug and telling them why you’re grateful for them causes your brain to release the ‘love’ hormone, oxytocin,” writes Thai Nguyen on, “It’s also a good time to reconnect with old friends and mentors. Take some time to send appreciative emails and handwritten cards.” 

Get some fresh air.

Are you the type of business owner who spends countless hours working away in your office? If so, some fresh air will certainly do you good. Take some time, this holiday season, to get outside. Yes, the weather may be cold, but even a short walk will be great for your mind, body and soul.

“If weather permits, getting outdoors in nature has many health benefits, including lowering your stress levels and blood pressure,” notes Nguyen, “It can even help you become more creative. After all the eating, get some fresh air and go for a walk rather than lounge on the couch.” 

Enjoy a winter slumber.

Are you the type of business owner who spends countless hours working away at home? If so, some much-needed sleep will do you good. Catch on those Z’s this holiday season!

“Don’t try and force yourself to nap but if you’re feeling a little sleepy then maybe have a lie down,” encourages Phoebe Conrey on her website, “Sleep is healthy so do it as much as you can and rejuvenate your body.”

Of course, the holidays haven’t started just yet. So please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at to ask us about how our unique merchant cash advance program can help you to grow your business in the new year. You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote! Happy Holidays!

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