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How To Promote Your Business As Family-Friendly

Here in Ontario, where Synergy Merchants is headquartered, Family Day will arrive on Monday, February 21st. The statutory holiday is an interesting one as it is not acknowledged all throughout Canada. Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan will all join Ontario in celebrating Family Day. Nova Scotia will be acknowledging Heritage Day. As well, it will be Louis Riel Day in Manitoba and Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.

What does Family Day mean for your business? Depending on where you are in Canada, you may or not be open for business. However, that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t be appealing to the needs of family. In fact, promoting your business as family-friendly is a great idea. It’s something you should consider doing all year round!

Take to social media.

Today, the Facebooks, Twitters and Instagrams of the world are arguably the most effective ways to communicate your branding messages. Not to mention, it’s free! As well, it goes without saying that social media appeal to younger crowds. Use your accounts to demonstrate your company’s family-friendly ways.

“Share information about your business with moms’ groups, which are prevalent on social media,” suggests Mark Gurley on, “Engage your followers and post tips, discounts or other news that will interest your audiences. Encourage families to share their positive experiences on social media. In fact, I recommend creating a hashtag that people can associate with your business to encourage others to share their experiences.”

Offer family-centred programs.

It isn’t just important to promote your company’s family-friendly ways to the public. It is also vital that your employees feel confident that their employer is family-centric. As Becca Borawski Jenkins points out on, regular events outside of the office can help build team spirit. However, parents often feel excluded from happy hour get-togethers and weekend retreats.

“If you want to build a family friendly company, think about ways that you can include kids in your activities,” she writes, “For instance, rather than having an after-hours meeting at a restaurant, you might plan a family friendly company picnic on a Saturday afternoon. Be sure to plan food and activities that will appeal to children. Alternatively, you could schedule a group event at a local amusement park. Many offer discounted group rates.”

Gurley agrees. He notes that he found hosting events like kid-specific nights are great ways for companies to appeal to families. “For restaurants, this could be a night where kids eat free or at a discounted rate, or if individuals come dressed in certain attire, bring in their positive report cards or donate a book or canned food, they receive an extra treat or another incentive,” he explains.

Could you use some financial help to promote your company as family-friendly?

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