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3 Marketing Techniques That Appeal To Parents

Family Day is on the way! In several Canadian provinces, including Ontario, this forthcoming Monday is a statutory holiday. It’s a day when we are reminded to enjoy the time we have with our loved ones. Of course, loving your family is something we all do throughout the year.

As a business owner, it’s a good idea to showcase your brand as family-friendly. In our last blog, we highlighted a few ways to do that. In today’s blog, we’ll expand on that theme. Let’s take a look at three marketing techniques that appeal to parents.

1. Have small gifts available for kids.

The act of handing out promotional items is a tried and true marketing strategy. However, if you want to appeal to parents, be sure to keep the kids in mind when doling out the freebies. Consider such promo items as markers and crayons or kids jewellery like plastic rings and bracelets. The gesture is sure to make just about anyone smile and remember your store as a fun one to visit.

“Keep a small dish of candy nearby (out of direct reach), such as lolly pops or mini chocolate bars,” suggests Jessica Delfino on, “Keep a small item that you can easily and inexpensively give away to kids when they come by such as a sticker or a magnet. You can customize them to have your business information on them.”

2. Host kid-friendly events.

Although the ongoing pandemic can make this suggestion a bit tough, it’s a great idea to host events that appeal to kids. Perhaps you can find the online equivalent of this tip if you’re still adhering to COVID protocols. However, with restrictions lifting and warmer weather (eventually) on the way, an outdoor event that caters to children can help your brand generate a lot of interest.

“I found that hosting events like a kid-specific night is another great way to appeal to families,” informs Mark Gurley on, “For restaurants, this could be a night where kids eat free or at a discounted rate, or if individuals come dressed in certain attire, bring in their positive report cards or donate a book or canned food, they receive an extra treat or another incentive.”

3. Post kid-friendly signage.

We’re all attracted to visual stimuli. But, understandably, children are enthralled by bright colours. Set up a colourful sign in your store or have it displayed in the front window. Not only is it sure to garner attention from kids but it will communicate to parents that your place of business is kid-friendly.

“Purchase a colourful light of any kind to display in the store,” agrees Delfino, “This can be anything from your business’s name in neon to a coloured lightbulb in a lamp, an LED light that changes colors or a picture of a glowing waterfall where the water ‘moves’.”

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