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How To Overcome Your Impending Slow Season

Is fall your slow season? With September starting today, many Canadian business owners are dreading the approach of the time of year when their sales usually dip. It’s not like summer wasn’t tough enough. Enduring the coronavirus pandemic has slowed sales for most retailers. With the fall season officially getting underway on September 22nd, many entrepreneurs are concerned that sales numbers will only worsen.

What can you do to overcome your impending slow season?

Partner up with a neigbouring business.

Perhaps your business isn’t the type to cater to the public’s autumn-based needs. Are you known for your swimsuits as opposed to your sweaters? As the fall season approaches, you may want to consider forming a partnership with another business that may be in line for increased traffic. Offer to plug their website on your site. Provide discount coupons to their location and allow them to place coupons of their own at your place of business.

“During slow seasons, use this time to partner with a local organization that’s doing good in your local community,” encourages, “Not only does this give you marketing and social media fodder, but it helps you show potential customers that you’re here to do more than sell products. You care about the community you live in and you’re willing to give a helping hand where you can.”

Get in touch with your current customers.

Too often, business owners spend marketing dollars on campaigns that target new customers. While it’s always advantageous to try to grow your customer base, you never want to forget about the lovely people who are already part of it. Reach out to your current customers directly. You don’t need an elaborate marketing campaign to do that. Send out emails and make phone calls to your supporters to let them know about forthcoming sales and events in your store.

“When sales aren’t strong, one way to get them going again is by reaching out to the people who’ve bought from you before,” says, “Depending on the nature of your business, and the size of your client base, you might make direct calls or send personal notes to past customers. Sometimes it’s better to simply re-establish contact rather than reaching out with a direct sales pitch.”

Optimize your company website for SEO.

Never underestimate the power of the internet. It should probably go without saying that the majority of Canadian consumers either browse online or research companies before making their buying decisions. Take to your social media to plug any and all of your discounts, sales and new products. As well, be sure to optimize your website for SEO.

“Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices,” advises, “Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see what changes you need to make. Update your title tags and meta description for all the pages on your website and use the right keywords. Update your business’ blog regularly with fresh content, images, and links to new blog posts.”

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