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How To Make Your Business More Family-Friendly

Most likely, we can all remember what our favourite stores were when we were kids. Chances are that our top picks included shops that sold toys, candy, fast food or video games. If you own a store that offers none of the above, there are still ways to attract young people to it. Doing so may be more important that you think given the fact that, as Zara Corzine reveals on, “kids influence $1.2 trillion of purchasing.”

When your store is a place that people of all ages want to visit, it practically guarantees itself a much larger portion of its marketplace. So what can you do to make your business more family-friendly?

Set up a play area.

There is almost nothing a busy, has-his/her-hands-full parent loves more than an opportunity to keep the little ones occupied while handling other responsibilities. A play area in your store will work wonders in attracting parents with young children. It offers them the chance to shop distraction-free while having their kids entertain and educate themselves with other, more-kid-friendly activities.

“By having a small table in a corner of your store filled with toys, crayons, paper and other appealing playthings, you’ll let children entertain themselves,” says Corzine, “This lets parents browse without worrying about what their children are up to — or what they may be breaking.”

Reach out to “influencer” mom bloggers.

Never overlook the power of the internet. These days, the words of actual shoppers go a lot further than traditional advertisements. If your business is getting a lot of positive reviews online, your customer base is bound to grow. So do your part to connect with influencers who have large followings. urges business owners to reach out to “influencer” mom bloggers.

“Are there any moms in your local community who are active bloggers?” probes the site, “Do they have a lot of social media fans? The key to getting kids and their parents into your store is winning over these mom influencers. If you win over just one influencer, you could very well end up with a dozen new customers.”

Have a store pet.

What kid doesn’t like cute animals? Do you have a pet dog or cat? Perhaps even a gerbil, hamster or goldfish can take up residence in your store. When shoppers show up with their kids, introduce the young ones to your pet and even offer a lesson about the animal including how to care for it. Share your fun experiences as a pet owner and watch your store thrive in ways it didn’t before.

“Perhaps it’s a few fish in a tank, or maybe your dog likes to come to work with you,” writes Corzine, “Either way, when kids are able to play or observe an animal, they are instantly engaged. By letting them play, you’ll have time to talk to their parents–and maybe make a sale at the same time.”

Making your business more family-friendly may require some changes to your shop. For information about how Synergy Merchants’ merchant cash advance program can help you to afford making those changes, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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