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How To Make This Holiday Season Your Most Successful One Yet

Halloween was yesterday. That makes today the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Merchants from all over Canada participate in the yearly changeover that takes place on November 1st. Gone are the black and orange decorations and in their place are those of the red and green variety.

As you prepare your store for the annual holiday shopping rush, it’s important to remember that there are some sound strategies you can employ to ensure that you enjoy greater-than-usual success. Why not make this holiday season your most successful one yet?

Strongly advertise your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

This year, the two busiest holiday shopping days of the year will fall on November 23rd and November 26th respectively. It’s no secret that these big-time shopping days involve heavy customer traffic made up of people looking for major discounts and bargains. Don’t miss out on attracting customers to your store on Black Friday and to your company website on Cyber Monday.

“Circle these dates on your calendar right now,” insists Ryan Pinkham on, “You can choose to participate in (both) or pick one and focus on making it an event for your business. After that, you can start to map out a promotional plan leading up to the big days. Get the word out early and make sure you give potential customers a reason to act.”

Reward your most loyal customers.

Retailers know that repeat business is one of the top ways to enjoy high profit margins. When it comes to holiday shopping, you want your loyal supporters to automatically think of coming to your store before considering any others. As Lindsay Tjepkema advises on, offering special discounts and incentives for top-tier and returning customers is a tried-and-true way of securing big holiday sales numbers.

“Delivering personalized incentive recommendations is a must,” she writes, “You should have incentives ready for a wide range of customers: low spenders, high spenders, medium spenders, frequent buyers, infrequent buyers, buyers of category A, category B, etc. But to add an extra dimension to your customer retention strategy, get beyond target audiences and segments to deliver truly personalized incentives – recommending the best incentive for each and every individual.”

Host a holiday event.

Most people thoroughly enjoy the holiday season. The more you make your store a festive place to visit, the more likely it will be to attract holiday shoppers who are in the mood to spend money. One surefire way of spreading the holiday cheer (and thereby encouraging people to visit your store) is to host a holiday event.

“Hosting a holiday event is the perfect way to thank employees and customers for their continued support throughout the whole year,” says Pinkham, “It’s also a great opportunity to bring customers into your store and provide a memorable holiday experience.”

As you’re undoubtedly aware, no holiday shopping season campaign comes without the need for a major investment. At Synergy Merchants, we have over a decade of experience providing Canadian merchants with access to our easy-to-get-approved-for merchant cash advance program! For more information, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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