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How To Make Gift Shopping In Your Store More Enticing

The holiday season is almost officially underway! With Hanukkah starting this Sunday and Christmas coming the Sunday after, now is the time to put serious efforts into attracting last minute shoppers to your store. In our last blog, we suggested you install eye-catching signage, offer last minute deals and optimize your website for mobile use. In today’s blog, we’ll further our look at how to make gift shopping in your store more enticing.

Spruce up your company website with holiday imagery.

Make no mistake about it. The vast majority of your potential customers will be checking out your website before they decide to give your brick and mortar store location a visit. Savvy holiday shoppers want to know what you’re selling and how much you’re charging. However, they also want to know that your brand can be trusted for meeting their gift-shopping needs in general. Updating your site for specific occasions communicates your reliability.

“The most effective way to showcase your best deals is with a Christmas themed deals page,” says Matt on, “When shoppers visit your site, clearly display your sale and point the customer in the right direction to access the sale…Reduce clutter to focus only on the important things. Make the calls-to-action buttons bright and eye catching to move the shopper quickly to their specific page.”

Check out the competition.

What are your competitors doing that are luring members of your customer base towards them? It’s always a good idea to do a little reconnaissance work to figure out how you can outdo your competitors. The key isn’t to copy their marketing strategies. It’s wise to study them in order to devise marketing ideas that improve upon them. The knowledge you gain can lead to such simple and effective decisions as offering 20% discounts on items your competitors have for 15% off.

“Yes, you should be focused on your own holiday marketing strategies,” agrees, “However, a little competitor research may help you get some ideas for upcoming seasons. What channels are your competitors gravitating towards? What are they doing? Is it working? You won’t know how successful their sales are, but you’ll at least see what you’re up against.”

Offer loyalty incentives.

Naturally, you want shoppers to make purchases in your store before the holidays arrive. But don’t you want them to keep coming back? By offering incentives to repeat customers, such as a loyalty program, it encourages people to make purchases in your store over others. However, it also entices them to return after the holiday season is over. Focusing on retention is a great way to maximize profits.

“According to Remarkety, the average lifetime value of a customer with one order is $137.62,” reveals Matt, “The average lifetime value of a customer with more than one order is $333.90. Increasing retention rates by 5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95%.”

Could you use some help getting your final holiday marketing campaign off the ground?

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