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How To Kick Your Holiday Advertising In Gear

In the retail world, the last week of October is always a very interesting time of year. Halloween hasn’t quite come yet. However, holiday season excitement is starting to take effect. To be perfectly honest, the savviest of business owners have been planning their holiday-based advertising strategies over the past couple of months. If you haven’t begun thinking about your strategies yet – don’t worry – now is the time to kick your holiday advertising in gear!

Two words: Party time!

The holiday season is synonymous with party time! Host an event at your place of business that will help you to meet more members of your target audience face to face. Be sure to find out what they are looking for in terms of their holiday shopping needs and work to provide easy access to your products and services that meet them. agrees that you should “host a holiday season kick-off event to bring customers in — such as a tree-lighting ceremony with hot chocolate and a visit from Santa — and make sure customers leave with your holiday catalogue.”

Three words: Lights, camera, action!

There are few forms of media, in today’s world, with greater attention-grabbing qualities than videos. You’re not likely to spend more than a second or two on either Instagram or Facebook without scrolling passed a video. Intrigue your social media followers by launching a holiday-themed video that serves to both entertain (sing a jingle with your staff?) and educate by showcasing the benefits of your top products.

On, Jacob Baadsgaard encourages video makers to avoid creating something that will get lost in the sauce. “As with most video ads, you only have 5 seconds before people have the option to skip your ad, so start with a bang!” he insists, “Make full use of audio. Even on mobile, lots of people still listen to ads with sound. Make sure that your audio evokes the right emotions from the get-go.”

Four words: Bigger isn’t always better.

Many small businesses owners worry that they simply can’t compete with the big boys – nonsense! While you may not necessarily attract as many customers, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer your customers unique experiences. And that’s what consumers are looking for! Focus on improving your customer service game. Ask for names (and remember them!), showcasing your ability to provide personalized service.

“The more specific you can make your target audience and the messaging you use with them, the more likely you are to get their business,” says Baadsgaard. “What do you have that the big box stores don’t have?” asks, “Highlight what makes your company unique in your marketing materials. If you can’t compete on pricing, emphasize quality, experience and white-glove service.”

No matter which advertising strategy you decide to use to kick your holiday advertising in gear, you’ll need funding to make it work. At Synergy Merchants, our merchant cash advance program can get you the cash you need immediately! For more information, call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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