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How To Heat Up Your Store’s Sales All Summer Long

The official start of the summer season was on June 20th. However, elementary schools all over Canada had their final days yesterday. That means that, for all intents and purposes, summer is now truly underway! Even with the pandemic not exactly behind us just yet, people all over the country are looking for ways to enjoy the warmest and sunniest season of the year.

How does your business plan on celebrating? It’s certainly a good idea to come up with some ways to heat up your store’s sales all summer long.

Create summer-exclusive offerings.

Many e-commerce businesses inform their online shoppers that certain items are available “for a limited time only”. Whether the warning is true or not, it generally elicits additional clicks of the “buy now” button. Inform your customers that particular items are only available during the summer. Create bundle packages at discount rates and promote them as being “summer-exclusive”. It will help to generate more urgency in shoppers to buy.

“Customers love an exclusive offer,” insists Jules on, “It creates a sense of urgency and feeling they are purchasing a scarce product or service. These can come in the form of bargains on old inventory, buy 1 one get 1 offers, or a completely new idea. If you’ve got the budget, consider creating summer-themed products and services available exclusively during the summer season.”

Offer summer-based giveaways.

You’d be hard pressed to find a list of creative marketing ideas in our blog without seeing the word “free” thrown in there somewhere. We’ve asked it before and we’ll ask it again: who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? Boost the levels of joy in your customers by giving them opportunities to win prizes all throughout the summer. Your giveaways will create an undeniable buzz that is bound to attract more consumers.

“Make it known that people can save when they shop with your new promotions,” advises, “Giveaways can also sway people for Seasonal campaigns too. Giving a customer a chance to win a week on a beach will likely promote more sales and more interest.”

Launch temperature-based sales.

We’ve mentioned this before as we like this idea a lot. It encourages customers to keep checking your company’s website and social media accounts. Use both to inform your target audience about the temperature highs expected for the week. Pair these tidbits of information with the offering of special discounts available on the days when temperatures exceed a certain number. For example, “Get 25% off when the temperature is 25 degrees or higher!”

“E-commerce store owners can experiment with temperature-based sales to see if there is a sales boost,” offers Jules, “For example, if a temperature hits a certain milestone, like 90 degrees (32.2 degrees Celcius), related discounts can be offered. These will need to be strategically timed, and sensitivity should always be considered if the weather has an impact on health and well-being.”

Do you need some help heating up your store’s sales this summer?

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