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3 More Ways To Grow Your Brand’s Reputation With Consumers

In our last blog, we discussed some important ways that business owners can build customer confidence in their brands. We listed sharing customer testimonials, engaging in social media marketing and owning up to mistakes as key ingredients in growing brand loyalty.

In today’s blog, we’d like to revisit this concept with the understanding that the list could go on forever. If you’re a business owner looking to rebound from the pandemic, this is certainly a list to give your attention.

Here are three more ways to grow your brand’s reputation with consumers:

1. Be transparent.

Don’t be afraid of the phrase “I don’t know”. It’s actually very important to be honest with customers even when the answers to questions aren’t satisfactory. It’s your ability to go over and above the call of duty for customers that will truly impress them and keep them loyal. It’s wise, of course, to train your staff to know all there is to know about your offerings. However, when tough questions arise, don’t be afraid to say, “I’ll look further into that for you”. Being transparent will grow trust in your brand.

“Recognize the clear distinction between summoning self-confidence and providing inaccurate information to customers,” advises, “Communicate when it takes longer than expected to gather information. For example, ‘When we spoke, I promised to have an answer by noon. The manufacturer is working on getting back to me, and I wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about you.’”

2. Make changes based on customer feedback.

We can’t think of a better way to prove to your customers that you’re listening to them. Nobody’s perfect. Your customers know that. But if you don’t acknowledge it, they’re not going to trust you. When you receive constructive criticism about a product, service or your customer service, take it to heart. Don’t take offence. Instead, see the feedback as an opportunity to implement change. Be sure to contact your feedback-giving customers to let them know about the changes you’ve made.

“You should be willing to accept mistakes,” insists Hassan Mansoor on, “When criticized you should take it in a positive manner and actually make efforts to rectify the mistake. It will build long-term trust and confidence with consumers.”

3. Show empathy.

Not everyone is going to have a great day every day. That goes without saying, especially in today’s pandemic-burdened world. It’s vital you empathize with the bad days and experiences your customers may be having. This is especially true if your business had a hand in those bad days. Make sure you don’t just offer apologies. Give declarations of understanding about the frustrations your customers are feeling. This will prove your brand to be people-centric.

“When customers have a problem, the experience can do major damage to brand loyalty, decreasing customer loyalty by as much as two-thirds,” says, “Showing empathy in customer service can help shoppers overcome disappointment in a purchase. Offering an apology is only effective when it’s executed well. Help workers prepare to offer an olive branch with these strategies.”

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