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How To Have A Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! This Sunday, many will partake in the most ghoulish of all holidays. In fact, it’s not really a holiday at all. Nevertheless, it is certainly a day that many like to celebrate by donning the scariest (and sometimes more adorable) costumes to party it up like only the craziest monsters can.

Of course, Halloween night is meant to be a fun and thrilling time for children who visit neighborhood houses for the annual trick or treating festivities. It goes without saying that to truly enjoy the night, it is important to stay very safe. Parents should take precautions to ensure that their children are supervised at all times.

In addition, offers up a number of ways to stay safe on Halloween. We’d like to share some of these ideas with you in hopes you have the happiest Halloween yet! Naturally, kids love to wear costumes, and there is a large variety of them out there to choose from. insists, however, that you do not dress your child up in a dark costume.

It is important to stay visible, they remind us. The trouble with popular get-ups such as witches, vampires and magicians is that they are usually all black. If you insist on such a dark costume, it is advisable that you affix reflective tape on the back or at least on the candy bag. The more visible your child is, the safer.

You may even want to carry a flashlight. It certainly wouldn’t hurt, especially for those houses that may have long walkways. As well, if you are in an unfamiliar part of the neighborhood, you may want to ensure that you keep your loved ones safe from any obstacles or holes in the ground.

Stay away from dark houses. A house with no decorations is one thing. A house that is completely in darkness is an indication that either no one is home or that they are not participating in giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. It’s best to simply skip these houses altogether as the residents may not want to be bothered.

“Go out in groups,” recommends, “The more people you are with, the less possible it is for a dangerous situation to occur. A larger group is less attackable, more visible, louder and contains more eyes to look around at surroundings. Bad things actually do happen Halloween night, and going out alone or even in small groups may put you at risk.”

Finally, parents must be sure to inspect all candy before it is eaten. This is 100% necessary, insists. You do not want your children eating anything unwrapped or potentially tampered with. You will want to be sure that nothing dangerous is brought home. Halloween is only meant to be scary in a fun way! So stay safe, and enjoy!

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