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How To Create A Fun And Productive Company Culture

We can’t imagine a more important time than now to improve your company culture. Needless to say, the pandemic has been rough on everyone. We’ve officially entered our second year of enduring COVID-19 and it has changed the ways in which we work in a dramatic fashion. It also goes without saying that the pandemic has significantly impacted our daily moods. So what can you do to create a fun and productive company culture that enriches the lives of your employees?

Allow for workday flexibility.

Working from home is a lot different than working in the office. Tell you something you don’t know, right? It’s vital you enable your staff members to have flexible work schedules. Many of your employees are surely balancing their personal responsibilities to their families while completing their work from home. Parenting, cooking and cleaning are among the top time-consuming household tasks. Allowing some workday flexibility goes a long way in making your employees feel like valued members of your team.

“Our research consistently finds that flexible scheduling and work-from-home options affect decisions to take or leave a job,” reports, “Over half of employees say they would change jobs for flextime. 37% of workers would be willing to move to a different job where they can work offsite at least part of the time.”

Celebrate the achievements of your workers.

This is certainly an important task if your team is working remotely. Working from home may be convenient, but it can also lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Especially if your employees were once used to working in groups, it’s wise for you to keep everyone in touch. Use Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or any other software that can put everyone on a screen at the same time. Then be sure to highlight the great accomplishments of each of your employees.

“If you want your team to be happy, you need to make sure they feel they are making progress and understand the importance of their role to your company,” insists Keep in mind that happy employees often make productive employees. In addition, happy workers are a key ingredient to a successful hiring campaign whenever the time comes to bolster your staff.

Keep in touch.

Sometimes, it really is that simple. Don’t let your employees feel like you’ve forgotten about them. This is true whether they work from home or still come into the office. Check in on them regularly. Put in a phone call or two a week to make sure they are all mentally and physically healthy.

“Check in often,” advises, “Frequent, informal contacts with managers allow employees to understand how their daily work is linked to your company’s goals. Our data shows that employees who talk about their goals and successes with their manager at least every six months are almost three times more likely than other employees to feel engaged and motivated in their job.”

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