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How To Bring Your Business Back To Life In 2022

Happy New Year! On behalf of the entire Synergy Merchants team, we wish you a joyous and prosperous 2022. Here’s hoping we can work together to ensure that this year is your most successful year to date. We say this knowing that the pandemic continues to be a major burden on business owners all over Canada. So how can you bring your business back to life in 2022?

Take a look back before you look forward.

This is task that makes sense to undertake each and every January. What worked for you in 2021? What didn’t work? Based on an honest assessment of the year that was, begin formulating a plan for 2022. Naturally, you’ll want to capitalize on the strategies that brought about success last year. Move away from the less-than-successful measures you took. Marketing consultant, Candace Huntly provides this advice to her clients each and every year.

“I feel like a broken record every year when I talk about how to move forward into the next year,” she writes on behalf of Canadian Small Business Women, “Before heading into the new year you need to look back and see what worked and what didn’t. It’s important to be honest with yourself so you can move forward knowing the pros and cons of everything. Everything you do should be a learning opportunity.”

Tailor your offerings to meet specific customer needs.

To grow customer satisfaction, simply listen to your customers. Recall the specific requests made by your clients over the past twelve months. Make predictions about what requests will be made in the year to come. Huntly stresses that in order to tailor customer experiences, business owners must identify the ways their customers’ behaviours have shifted over the past two years.

“While we discussed shifting behaviours at the beginning of the pandemic, we’re now in a weird grey area where things are opening up, we have vaccinations, and now businesses are trying to establish some sort of normalcy and consistency,” she reminds us, “Some of your customers have fully embraced life opening up and others are still extremely cautious. You need to find a happy medium to build an experience that all of your customers will enjoy.”

Foster greater employee morale.

While attention on customer satisfaction will always be one of your top priorities, it is imperative you never forget about the well-being of your employees. Of course, it’s important to keep them safe in our pandemic-burdened world. However, tending to the emotional needs of your staff is a vital part of making your company a vibrant and productive place to work. There is one simple and effective way to grow employee morale. As Hao Lam insists on, be human.

“Staff stability and retention are issues leaders need to examine carefully,” he writes, “High turnover and employee dissatisfaction can have detrimental impacts on a company. We must recognize what our employees desire from us. Those we lead need us to do a few things well: relate to them, acknowledge their talents and restore their hope that good things lie ahead for them as part of our team.”

Apply for a merchant cash advance.

Synergy Merchants’ unique merchant cash advance program enables all types of business owners to get their hands on much-needed cash. Regardless of your credit history or length of time in business, you can be approved in less than 24 hours! For more information, call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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