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How To Boost Sales In The Days Leading Up To Christmas

Christmas comes in less than two weeks! It is officially crunch time for holiday shoppers everywhere. This is the time of year when it is in the best interests of retailers to market to last minute shoppers. Believe it or not, there are still many people who haven’t even begun their holiday shopping yet. It’s important to cater to their needs of immediacy and potential confusion about what to buy.

What can you do to boost sales in the days leading up to Christmas?

Offer gift wrapping services.

Nothing says “awesome!” to a last minute shopper than a store that offers gift wrapping. For procrastinators, gift-wrapped purchases are immense time savers. Note that your gift wrapping services won’t just help to boost sales. They will encourage last minute shoppers to remember how much your store helped them out in a pinch. By adding a little something extra to the buying experience, your store will both attract new shoppers and potentially gain loyal fans.

“Anything you can do to reduce the number of things on a last-minute shopper’s to-do list will help you win their sale, and hopefully even loyalty,” agrees Francesca Nicasio on, “In fact, gift wrapping is such a popular service that a variety of outlets will compile a list of retailers offering it each year. Gift-wrapping services can be offered both online and in-store, though many companies only offer free gift wrapping on in-store purchases.”

Highlight your offering of free shipping.

There are very few blogs that dole out holiday season marketing advice without including the offering of free shipping as a tip. At this point in the month, both free and expedited shipping couldn’t be more important. To ensure a steady stream of sales on your e-commerce site, ensure your customers that their gifts will arrive in time for Christmas. By eliminating shipping costs and promising fast delivery, your site will outshine its competitors.

“Shop owners should consider offering free or expedited shipping at this time of year if their profit margins on the items will allow it,” says April Maguire on, “This perk can be invaluable for those who are sending gifts to friends and loved ones living out of state. But be sure to indicate the cutoff date for on-time delivery for holiday gifts.”

Promote your store’s gift cards.

Gift cards are a last minute shopper’s dream come true! They are the easiest, go-to choices for the shopper that isn’t sure what to buy. Naturally, a gift card enables a recipient to purchase whatever he/she desires from your store. Prominently displaying your gift cards at various locations in your store will work to boost sales in the days leading up to Christmas.

“Gift cards are also great items to showcase for indecisive customers and those looking for last-minute gifts for bosses and co-workers,” affirms Maguire, “As an added incentive, you can mark these collections down later in the month, when shoppers are desperate for bargain purchases.”

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