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3 More Techniques For Attracting Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Shoppers have just a little over a week left to get their Christmas shopping done. In our last blog, we encouraged retailers to take advantage of that fact. We listed a number of ways they could boost sales in the days leading up to Christmas, keeping last minute shoppers in mind.

Here are three more techniques for attracting last minute holiday shoppers:

1. Update all of your business pages.

Remember that consumers, of all kinds, generally research businesses online before they either pay them visits or go to their online stores. It’s important that all of your online entities are fully updated. That means regular activity on your social media pages. Keep each account updated on a daily basis with news about your latest offerings and discounts. As well, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Also, be sure to update all business pages that reflect your company’s hours of operation.

“To catch the eye of last-minute shoppers be sure your Google My Business and Bing for Business pages are updated with your holiday hours, phone number, and website,” advises April Maguire on, “If you have curbside pickup or your own delivery service make that information clear on the Google and Bing pages as well as on your website.”

2. Release a new gift guide.

This is a marketing strategy you may have employed over a month ago. However, it’s a wise choice to update your gift guide. Consider the needs of last minute shoppers. Highlight your top sellers and discount prices as usual. But also point out the various benefits of the items you have for sale. Appeal to people’s concerns about buying the “right” gifts. As Francesca Nicasio points out on, many last minute shoppers are all out of ideas about what to buy.

“An easy way to capture them is to offer some inspiration for the gift they’ve been looking for,” she writes, “To do that, consider creating a gifting guide. Put together a collection of your products that would make excellent gifts, particularly items that can be sold together as a gift set. For instance, if you sell a duvet, include some pillows and sheets in the gift guide so your customers can give the gift of ‘the perfect night’s sleep.’”

3. Offer coupons and discounts.

Just because the next week and a half will have many people scrambling to buy holiday gifts, it doesn’t mean they won’t be bargain hunting. To secure sales in the days leading up to Christmas, offer coupons and discounts that will persuade people to choose your store over others. Maguire believes this is a great way to get would-be online shoppers to visit your store in person.

“If you operate a brick-and-mortar shop, you might want to include a coupon that encourages shoppers to visit you in person,” suggests Maguire, “For example, you could provide a free Christmas ornament with any $20 purchase in your shop. Sending a holiday card is also a great way to remind last-minute shoppers to get their acts in gear before the end of the month.

Do you need some help attracting last minute holiday shoppers?

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