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How To Advertise To Happy Raptors Fans

As the entire sports world is very well aware, the Toronto Raptors have captured the 2019 NBA Championship! This past Thursday, our hometown Raps defeated the Golden State Warriors by a score of 114-110 to secure the first-ever NBA title in the franchise’s history. The Synergy Merchants team couldn’t be more proud to call Toronto our home. We’d like to congratulate the Toronto Raptors and send out virtual high-fives to every other Raptors fan in Canada!

And there are a lot of them! As you may know, the parade to celebrate the Raptors’ NBA Championship was held in downtown Toronto yesterday. The city hasn’t seen a party like that since the Toronto Blue Jays won their second of two World Series titles back in 1993. Like the Jays, the Raps are the only Canadian team in their league. That has a significant impact on how much support the teams receive all across Canada.

As a business owner, you can certainly cash in on the Raptors’ success. It’s all about catering to happy Raptors fans – and, as mentioned, there are millions of them all across this great nation of ours.

Create engaging content on your website.

This is 2019, after all. Your best bet is to start with boosting your online presence by offering Raptors-friendly content. Utilize your social media platforms by creating posts with the hashtag #WeTheNorth in order to be part of arguably the hottest conversation in Canada right now. Post a Raptors-related blog to get people clicking and discussing. This very blog post is the perfect example of extremely relevant content at the present time!

On, Kylie Ora Lobell suggests posting a fun quiz on your site in order to engage the sports fans who are part of your customer base.

“Sports fans love their facts and statistics,” she writes, “They’re interested in knowing all about players’ records and histories, as well as their teams’ tactical methodologies for winning. They want to collect this knowledge, and then use it to prove their allegiance to teams and players. If you want to get sports fans involved in your content, create quizzes so that they can test and show off their knowledge to their friends and family.”

Place Raptors memorabilia all over your store.

Over the past few days, no matter where you are in Canada, you simply can’t miss Raptors t-shirts, hats, flags, posters and other keepsakes which all commemorate the fact that they’ve won the 2019 NBA Championship. You don’t have to sell any of these items in order to have them in your store. Simply placing posters and flags in your front window and hanging them in your store will be enough to turn heads and even start conversations.

Happy Raptors fans are all too happy to begin talking about their championship-winning team. If you want to grow your reach and boost your sales over the next several weeks, be sure to showcase your store as a Raptors-supporting business.

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