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How Renovating Your Store Will Bring You More Business

Renovating your place of business can give it the boost it needs to drive more traffic to it. With a fresh, new decor, your store can communicate that new and exciting things are happening with your brand. In many cases, a renovated shop is all that is needed to reinvigorate its customer base. But what steps should be taken to make the most out of your renovations?

Create the “WOW” Factor.

It’s one thing to spruce up the look of your store. It is another thing to add something to it that no one has ever seen before. According to Florida’s Coastal Reconstruction Group, you should make a statement with a “WOW” factor. They’re referring to doing something that is unique and stands out due to its impressive quality.

Suggestions include an updated grand staircase; adding an accent wall such as a wall covering or backdrop; luxurious accessories and awe-inspiring nature decor. They also suggest flooring with tiles and patterns; transforming your cabinets; countertop makeovers and updated backsplash in kitchens or bathrooms.

Ditch neutral colours.

Dull, monotone work places don’t invigorate customers or employees. Do away with the greys and the beiges. Opt for brighter hues. They will liven up your workplace and automatically energize anyone who enters it. As Welp Magazine points out, spending eight hours every day in a row of cubicles in the middle of a boring room isn’t healthy for anyone.

“Incorporate colors that promote creativity and focus, like blues, greens, and yellows,” suggests their website, “You can also use colours from your logo and branding throughout the office, creating a fun and unified atmosphere across all your teams. Even placing colourful art and decor around the office can break up the space and add lots of personality to your workspace.”

Brighten up your lighting.

Many renovation experts recommend switching to LED light bulbs. They save a lot of money on energy, are long-lasting and don’t even get hot to the touch. In addition, bright lights help to make a place of business look more vibrant, family-friendly and energetic. Florida’s Coastal Reconstruction Group does warn against going too bright though. Finding the perfect balance is key.

“Does your space have ample lighting?” asks their website, “Transform the look and feel of your community or business by renovating with new light fixtures. Updating your light bulbs with newer ones that last for many years will save you money in the long run. If you have harsh fluorescent lighting, it may be time to update them with warm lighting instead.”

Are you ready to renovate your store?

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