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How Cooler Temperatures Make For Better Renovating Conditions

In our last blog, we pointed out that fall is a good time of year to renovate your business. It’s a time of year when you might get the best prices for materials. The season also enables you to plan well ahead of the arrival of the year’s warmest months. Not to mention, the fall is also an easier time of year to book contractors.

But how can cooler temperature better renovating conditions?

It’s easier on the workers.

Obviously, Canadians experience cooler weather during the fall. When it’s summertime, the hot temperatures make it a lot harder on construction teams to complete their tasks. Combining the often-heavy gear that needs to be worn with the heavy materials that need to be lifted and carried, renovation work can be torturous during the summer.

“During the summer, hot temperatures can make the work being carried out very uncomfortable,” confirms Montreal’s Excellence Construction Rénovation, “In contrast, during the winter, very low temperatures may not always be suitable for carrying out certain tasks. What about spring and its frequent rain periods?  Humid days are not recommended for many renovation tasks, such as plastering and painting to name a few.”

It lets you take advantage of your slow season.

Is fall your slow season? If you sell summer-based items such as swimming gear, barbeques or outdoor sports equipment, you may be noticing a slowing down of sales lately. This is a good time of year to change things up at your place of business. Rhode Island’s Herbert Design Build notes that, for many builders, the colder months of the year make up their slow seasons.

“Take the opportunity to meet with your contractor before he’s swamped with the spring rush,” encourages their website, “You know how important it is to find the right builder for your project, so the last thing you want to do is compromise on who does the work for the sake of getting it done when you want to. If you wait until the busy season to start your project, it could result in your project start date getting pushed out, which inevitably pushed out the completion date as well.”

It helps you prepare for extreme cold.

In many cases, renovations are necessary because of the changing of the seasons. For example, during the summertime, a crack in the foundation of your place of business may not create any major issues. In the winter, however, such a crack can worsen and allow heat to escape your facility. It’s necessary to renovate before the winter hits. This is especially true if there are significant repairs to be made.

Preparing for winter’s cold temperatures is a must, says Excellence Construction Rénovation. “Plumbing repairs, heating and ventilation repairs, window replacement and insulation are all possible renovations,” their site notes, “Checking by yourself or having it inspected by an expert will allow you to plan the different projects to be done. That way, you can ensure a warm and comfortable winter.”

Are you ready to renovate your store?

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