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What Are The Secrets To Scaring Up Sales In October?

October is such a fun month, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the first full month of fall and the leaves are turning from green to beautiful red, orange and yellow hues. As well, following Thanksgiving, here in Canada, we all have Halloween to look forward to.

As a business owner, it’s practically vital to get in on all of the scary action that comes with the annual occasion. Doing so can help you to boost sales this month! Let’s look at a few secrets to scaring up sales in October.

Launch a Halloween costume photo contest.

Never neglect social media when launching your promotional campaigns. This October, be sure to take to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to launch a Halloween photo contest. Request that participants posts photos of themselves in costume and place hashtags of your choosing in the captions. That way, you can easily locate contestants and select winners.

“If you want to run a Halloween contest, host a costume event where people can show off their best looks in person or online,” recommends Annie Pilon of Small Business Trends, “For virtual businesses, have people submit photos on your website or social media accounts. In-person, encourage people to dress up for a special event. Then offer prizes or discounts to the winners. You may even have categories like scariest or most creative.”

Host a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are especially fun for the little ones. If your store caters to children and their parents, it’s a good idea to make your place of business a fun place for them all to visit. Your scavenger hunt can include both candies hidden throughout your store and gift cards that offer customers discounts on their same-day purchases. This initiative will encourage more customer visits, generate interactions with your team and boost sales.

“Whether your business has a storefront or operates digitally, hosting a scavenger hunt is fun, easy, and affordable,” says Stephanie Heitman of LocaliQ, “This can be a store-wide event, a town-wide ordeal, or a simple and quick manipulation of your website. Maybe participants have to find clues on your pages, such as a bat peeking from behind your homepage logo, a skeleton in one of your product pictures, or a candy corn icon on your blog homepage.”

Hold a pumpkin carving contest.

Carving pumpkins is a long-held pastime at this time of year. Although it can be a lot of fun to gather up some pumpkins and hold a contest in-store, your safe bet is hosting this contest online. The last thing you want is for someone to injure themselves with a knife at your place of business. Contests always help to drum up sales for businesses. They are also fun ways to declare the fun-loving nature of your company culture.

“Either host an event in your store or allow people to submit photos of their carved pumpkins online,” offers Pilon, “Carve your own with your company’s logo or tagline and display them in front of your store leading up to the holiday.”

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