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Highlighting The Importance Of Marketing For Business Growth

The importance of marketing your business cannot be understated. Whether you choose to go as far as filming a television commercial or keeping it simple and printing flyers to hand out in your community, it truly pays to advertise your company. At Synergy Merchants, we often provide Canadian business owners with merchant cash advances to help them with their advertising campaigns. We’re happy to say that our program has helped many a small business to grow!

Why shouldn’t marketing be taken for granted? You can have the greatest products in the world and you can offer the absolute best customer service. However, if you’re not advertising your brand, no one will know about it all. Marketing takes money, yes. But it’s an integral part of taking any business to greater levels of success. On, Michael A. Olguin explains that there should always be space for marketing in your budget.

“The marketplace is littered with good ideas that lacked the marketing support to gain traction or they were launched with the ideology of ‘our product is so great, that consumers will flock to it,’” he writes, “Make sure that marketing is completely aligned with product innovation and roll-out to ensure that when the product is ready for retail consumption strong consideration has been given to how the product will be marketed.”

How important is it to be different from your competitors? On, Nicole Smartt highlights the necessity to do something to make your brand stand out from its competitors. With so many different forms of advertising out there, it’s important to come up with methods that will garner attention in ways that traditional marketing strategies may not. Smartt believes that the location of your marketing efforts plays an integral role in their success.

“You are paying rent already, or your bosses are, so make it money well-spent and get on a prime street with high traffic,” she highly recommends, “Bright signs near a freeway let everyone know you are there. If you only need a small office suite, make sure you can have your name on a sign outside the building so you are getting the exposure.”

In our last blog, we pointed out that it is important to do what it takes to showcase how different you are from your competitors. Your marketing efforts will have a lot do to with that. But the interactions you have with your customers will inevitably have a greater influence on the opinions made about your brand. As a business owner, you’ll need to consider just how much you intend on making personal commitments to being different than your competitors.

Smartt explains that it’s her self-handled personal approach that has truly helped her company to succeed. “What sets you apart from your competitors?” she asks, “The answer is YOU, and your people. Embrace this, and take it all the way to the bank. The main reason I chose to leave a comfortable paycheck was to do things differently, and now that I am co-owner of Star Staffing, we continue to live that philosophy.”

Clearly, there are numerous marketing strategies that you can take advantage of. And they all require extra working capital to see them through. For more information on our merchant cash advance program or to speak with one of our licensed funding specialists to get a free, no obligation quote, simply call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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