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Heating Up Your Business With Sizzling Outdoor Summer Events

As we pointed out in our last blog, summer is the perfect time of year to harness the energy of the season and attract new customers to your business. Take advantage of the warmth and sunshine. Organize outdoor summer events to create memorable experiences. They will not only promote your store but also bring the community together. Let’s explore a few ideas for outdoor events that will help your brand generate a big buzz during the summer months!

Transform your parking lot into a beach paradise.

Bring in some sand, colourful beach umbrellas and inflatable palm trees to create a tropical atmosphere. Offer beach-themed activities like sandcastle-building contests, beach volleyball tournaments or even a water slide. Partner with local food vendors to provide beach-inspired treats like ice cream sundaes, seafood and tropical drinks.

Create a fun atmosphere with live music or a DJ playing summer hits. Of course, don’t forget to incorporate branded merchandise or discounts to keep attendees engaged with your store.

Hold outdoor movie nights.

Set up a large screen and cozy seating in your parking lot or nearby park. Choose popular summer films or classics that resonate with your target audience. Offer complimentary popcorn and snacks, and encourage attendees to bring blankets or lawn chairs.

This type of event provides an opportunity to showcase your products by offering themed merchandise or discounts during the movie screening. Consider partnering with a local charity and donating a portion of the proceeds to further engage the community.

Organize a farmers’ market festival.

Invite local farmers, artisans and food vendors to set up booths where they can sell their products. Arrange live cooking demonstrations featuring seasonal recipes using ingredients available at the market. Create a festive ambiance with live music, face painting for kids and engaging activities like gardening workshops or seed planting. This event not only promotes your store but also supports local businesses and fosters a sense of community.

Host an outdoor fitness challenge.

Partner with fitness professionals or local gyms to organize activities like group workouts, yoga sessions or fun fitness competitions. Set up different stations where participants can try out equipment or engage in fitness-related games. Offer prizes for the top performers and provide special discounts on fitness-related products or services at your store.

This type of event positions your business as a destination for health-conscious individuals. Not to mention, it also allows attendees to experience your products firsthand.

Set up an arts and crafts fair.

Does your store specialize in art, crafts or DIY supplies? Why not organize an outdoor art and craft fair? Invite local artists and artisans to showcase their work and sell their creations. Offer interactive art activities like painting workshops or craft stations where attendees can create their own masterpieces.

Incorporate live art demonstrations to engage and inspire visitors. This event not only attracts art enthusiasts but also highlights your store as a hub for creativity and self-expression.

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