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Heat Things Up This Summer

Could it get any hotter in Toronto? The home of the Synergy Merchant Services headquarters has been experiencing quite the scorcher lately. With temperatures in their mid-30s, that feel like they are in their early 40s (Celcius, of course), the City of Toronto is definitely in the midst of yet another heatwave.

With that, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to suggest to business owners from all over Canada that they start heating things up. In the past, we have thrown quite a few suggestions and tips the way of the Canadian entrepreneur. Our clients are very well aware of just how helpful these tips have been in getting their businesses to experience a new hot streak.

So what can you do to fire things up with your company? Many business owners have utilized our innovative merchant cash advance program to renovate their locations. We often hear, that a fresh start always brings about fresh interest. Perhaps, it’s time to repaint the walls, get new signage for the front of the store or even revamp your entire set up.

There are other ways in which you can turn up the heat on your competitors, of course. Many Synergy clients enjoy putting their cash advances towards new advertising campaigns. Do you operate your business in an area where a new flyering strategy may be appropriate? Is taking out ads in the newspaper or local magazine a more sound strategy? Maybe it’s even time for you to be heard on the radio!

It doesn’t stop there. One of our most excited clients is one who purchases new inventory each and every summer. Knowing that he will be able to get a good deal during the warmer months of the year on winter clothing, he always turns a fantastic profit once the weather cools down and everyone heads to his store to pick up their gear for the upcoming cold season.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve suggested this but it begs repeating. With such sunny and hot days taking place, it provides the opportune time for your company to host an outdoor event of some kind. Perhaps your merchant cash advance would best be spent on creating a contest of some kind that customers can enter when they visit your event.

A barbeque is always fun. Free food and prizes will be relatively small expenditures when compared to the large increase in your customer base that is a benefit to holding such events. Now, we know it’s hot outside, but there’s always time to heat things up even more.

So contact a licensed funding specialist at Synergy Merchant Services today. It’s the least you can do for your company. Discover just how much hotter your company can be through a simple and timely review of your monthly merchant statements. No collateral, no liens, no sweat!

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