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Have A Happy Holiday Gift Exchange

At many workplaces, colleagues get into the holiday spirit by partaking in an annual tradition. Some call it “Secret Santa” while others refer to it as “Kris Kringle”. Some simply call it the “Gift Exchange”. No matter the name, participating in this joyous act of giving can really help boost spirits around the office as employees approach the holiday season.

And while the “secret” gift-giving game can be quite fun, it can also lend itself to creating some anxiety among work associates. What do I get this person? What does he or she want? How much should I spend? What if he or she doesn’t like the gift I buy?

These above questions are often raised in a mini-fit of panic by many a worker. But rest assured, there are numerous ways to get around them to ensure that your “Secret Santa” experience is a fun and stress-free one.

Firstly, if you plan on setting up a gift exchange activity in your workplace, you should definitely set a clear spending limit. Be certain that the limit is a reasonable one for your employees to ensure that it is not unaffordable. Generally, limits are set as low as ten dollars and sometimes as high as 25 bucks.

As long as a comfortable number is set, no employee should feel uneasy about the amount required to spend on the gift for their colleague.

Secondly, try not to worry about what to get an associate that you may feel unfamiliar with. There are ways of discovering what someone may like as a gift without revealing who your “Secret Santa” selection is. Going about getting this information can sometimes be a sneaky practice, but as a result, one that is lots of fun.

In some offices, employees put up small “wish lists” at their desk for anyone to see. That way, fellow workers can anonymously peruse each list so that they may inconspicuously discover what the perfect gifts would be for their selections. Some choose to play the “someone wants to know what gift you’d like” game by simply asking around.

The smartest way to play this one is to ask several associates the same question so as to not give away who your secret selection is. It’s no fun to simply reveal who you have chosen. This, of course, defeats the purpose of the secretiveness of the event.

If all else fails, there are countless types of gift cards out there that should easily satisfy even the hardest-to-read co-worker. Gift certificates for shopping malls or restaurants are near impossible to disappoint. Sometimes, simply allowing your gift recipient to choose what he or she would like to purchase makes life that much easier. It is, however, less exciting.

One thing to avoid, however, is overdoing it! Keeping the spending limit in mind is important. While it may be greatly appreciated, buying someone a gift that is more expensive than everyone else’s gift is sure to put many of your co-workers in an awkward position. Remember, it’s not about showing off, it’s about showing holiday spirit.

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