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Happy Birthday John!

Today is a very special day at Synergy Merchant Services. It’s the (dare we say it?) 31st birthday of our Vice President of Marketing, John Meloche. Happy birthday big guy! Interestingly, it’s John who will be giving out the gifts today. If you weren’t already aware, Synergy will be back at this year’s CRFA Show between March 6th and 8th.

Taking place at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place, this event should not be missed by any business owner. If you call John by February 14th, he will be happy to mail you a free pass to get into this amazing show. How’s that for a birthday gift? Be sure to visit John and the rest of the Synergy gang at booth 1009 once you’re there.

John also decided to give a gift to radio listeners in Toronto this morning. To start his birthday off, John decided he would call in to a popular radio station to divulge a hilarious, yet embarrassing story about being dumped by a neat freak many years prior. Everyone in the office got a big laugh out of hearing that on-air tale this morning.

Now as generous as John has always been, it’s only fair that his staff show their appreciation and offer up a few birthday wishes to the big man. It is, after all, his birthday today, so we suppose he does deserve to get a few gifts of his own. We’re sure anyone offering to take him to Duncan House – his favourite restaurant – will be thanked mightily, by the way.

Here, however, are some words from your friends from Synergy John: “Hey, happy birthday big man! You sure spend a lot of time giving the team motivational talks and encouragement and we really appreciate it. Here’s hoping you have an excellent birthday. So good, that you get drunk tonight so that you can’t show up for work tomorrow to give another one of those talks!” – Dan

“John Meloche – A.K.A. ‘Big Wheezy’ – is a fixture at Synergy, and with good reason. A powerhouse in his own right, John embodies the definition of a true sales person: ambitious, convincing & highly self-motivated. His “go get ’em” energy is infectious, and never fails to inspire those around him to do the same.

He’s definitely got a big head – but has a heart to match – and an even bigger sense of humour! So on behalf of myself & all those at Synergy Merchants, I salute John on the momentous occasion of his 31st Birthday. May his special day and the years to come be filled with success, happiness, and lots of laughs!!!” – Sarah

“When our phones and internet go down, you’re there.
When our computers stop working, you’re there (to tell me to go fix it).
When we’re late for work, you’re there.
When we order pizza, you’re there.
When we send a job to the printer, you’re there.
When the power went out, you were there, somewhere.
When there is a joke to crack, you’re there.
And when it’s your birthday, you’re here? Really?
Happy Birthday!” – Momsad

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