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Good Impressions Are Good Investments

Earlier this week, the Synergy Merchant Services Blog discussed the importance of having rude behaviour as a non-existent factor in the workplace. As we wrote about, studies have shown that when customers bare witness to rudeness of any kind at a place of business, it becomes highly likely that it will cause them to never again visit that store.

Providing excellent customer service is of paramount importance. Any company looking to be successful will have to have this as a top trait. This requires all employees to be on their best behaviour when at work. Of course, this impacts not just the customer experience, but the employee experience as well.

On, Dawn Rosenburg McKay writes about the various ways that employees can make a good impression at work. Not only will this help for your company to be represented well, but following her tips are bound to assist you in excelling up the ladder at your place of work.

One way to do this, says McKay, is to use proper office etiquette. Now, this should be a no-brainer, right? Good manners always make for good impressions. And good office etiquette means knowing how to speak to your co-workers and when to responsibly use your cell phone or the internet.

Keep in mind, however, that nobody is perfect. That means, you may be bound to make mistakes. The key is to face up to them. McKay reminds us not to ignore our errors or place blame on others for them. Instead, take responsibility and figure out a solution that will repair your mistake. Your employer may not be happy at first, but will appreciate your initiative and efforts to making corrections.

The practice of calling in sick to work is a major concern for practically every employer out there. It’s important to call in sick when it is necessary. However, this isn’t a practice to abuse. But it also shouldn’t be overlooked. McKay writes that coming in to work when you are sick only serves as a detriment to your co-workers. Don’t make others sick if you are. Stay home!

Coming through during a crisis is a great way to make a good impression at work. As McKay writes: “When the unexpected happens at work, who will make a better impression on the boss — the employer who wrings his hands and does nothing or the one who springs into action? Of course it’s the employee who deals with the crisis quickly and effectively.”

We’ll take a look at a few more ways to make a good impression at work in tomorrow’s blog.

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