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Getting Your Business Grown Up

Remember back when you were in grade school? Do you recall the question that was most likely posed to you more often than any other? You know the one…“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, now that you’re all grown up and you own your own business, it’s time we pose that question to you once again.

Only this time, we’d like to put a little spin on it. “What would you like your business to be when it grows up?” In other words, how far would you like to grow your company? We imagine that all business owners have aspirations to taking their businesses to the next level. It’s unfortunate, however, when no plan is put in place to make that happen.

In our experience, we find that most business owners, who don’t know what they’d like their businesses to be when they have “grown up”, feel that they do not have the resources to take their companies any further. It must certainly be a deflating feeling to have the impression that there is no room to grow.

This has especially been the case over the past couple of years as many business owners still see themselves as being in a state of recovery. Hit hard by the recession, numerous entrepreneurs think more with a “how to get back afloat” type of attitude instead of employing a “how to get ahead” approach.

In addition, banks are not making it any easier on Canadian business owners. It is not uncommon for one of our clients to remind us of his or her harrowing experience trying to squeeze funding out of the local bank. Even when long business relationships are established between business owner and bank, there is no guarantee that the bank will be willing to lend.

So why then, would the business owner feel confident that growth is possible? This, of course, is understandable. But it is always important to have a positive attitude when approaching the subject of your business. Now, we don’t mean to sound like a high school football coach or a cheesy motivational tape, but we do feel that keeping optimistic is sound advice.

As always, we recommend a merchant cash advance as an option for business owners who may have otherwise given up on trying to grow their businesses. We believe that it is always important to keep your options open. And how else would you be able to weigh your options against each other if you didn’t take advantage of them when they are presented to you?

We are aware that many entrepreneurs get turned down when applying for bank loans. This is why we promise to provide a very different process to discovering if your business is eligible for extra working capital. We trust that you do know what you’d like for your business to be when it grows up. We would just like for you to give us the chance to help you take it there.

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