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Get Money Without The Headache

Getting money for your business does not have to be a difficult process. But we know that when business owners begin drawing up business plans, they cannot be completed without working capital. The thing is, many entrepreneurs fear even taking the first step to growing their business due to the strain brought upon by trying to secure money.

People are used to going to the banks to get money. As a result, people are also used to being turned down by the banks as well. Many of our clients have expressed to us the concerns they had when first trying to secure a business loan at their local branch. Having had long-standing relationships with their banks, they didn’t realize how much of a headache getting a loan would be.

“It felt like they were giving me the third degree,” said one of our clients, “you would have thought that they were meeting me for the first time. Asking me to put my house on the line as collateral was too much. I had been paying my mortgage with them for years and never missed a payment. I was confused as to why they thought I wouldn’t pay back a business loan.”

To be fair, those who work at banks are only doing their jobs. But the job of a bank is to ensure that they never lose out on providing anyone with money. Of course, that makes sense, but shouldn’t the point of a loan really be to help someone? This is why at Synergy Merchant Services, our entire premise is based on helping small and medium-sized businesses in Canada to grow.

And how else can they grow but to increase their sales? Our merchant cash advance program is based specifically on a merchant’s Visa, MasterCard and Interac sales. Therefore, we place an emphasis on providing money based on those sales instead of asking for collateral, liens or anything else that would place the business owner at risk of a major loss.

“I hate paying interest,” said another one of our clients, “I understand that I have to be charged but I just find it hard to figure out how much that’s going to be in the long run if I keep getting charged for every month I’m borrowing money. It makes me feel as if the loan will never be repaid.”

One of the greatest aspects of a merchant cash advance is that it is NOT a loan. As a result, our clients are charged no interest rate. Instead, they are given a one time fee. This solves the problem of not knowing how much they will have to pay in the long run. As well, it doesn’t matter how long that run is. With no fixed repayment schedule, our clients can never be late with payments.

Discover what it’s like to get money for your business without going through a difficult process. Contact one of our licensed funding specialists today to determine how much money your business is eligible for and what it will cost you. We make it our job to ensure that we help your business to grow without the headaches. Call us today!

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