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Generating Love For Your Business Through Valentine’s Day Marketing

This is a pretty exciting time of year for retailers. They know that a lot of their wares will be sought after as Valentine’s Day gifts. Depending on the type of store you own, you may be in for one of your biggest sales months this year.

In our last blog, we detailed how to market your business in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. We suggested e-mailing cards to your customers, offering free shipping on your website and making your delivery dates clear. Let’s take a look at a few more ways to generate love for your business through Valentine’s Day marketing.

Accommodate last-minute shoppers.

Just like with any other holiday shopping experience, there will be stragglers and procrastinators. It’s important to keep your Valentine’s Day promotions going steady right up until the big day. That’s because you’re likely to get a lot of shoppers showing up on said day looking for gifts. Appeal to last minute shoppers by offering some last minute deals. As Kristen McCormick points out on, more than 60% of Valentine’s Day spending occurs on or within five days of the 14th.

She recommends that retailers extend their hours on Valentine’s Day. “Create a post on social media encouraging your followers to just go for it with that gift,” writes McCormick, “You may inspire them to stop in your store or redeem your online offer on their way to their Valentine’s date.”

Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide.

No different than any other holiday, Valentine’s Day is one that causes a lot of people confusion. “What should I buy?” is a question in the heads of many a love struck shopper. Answer that question by producing and publishing a gift guide on your company website. It will make the shopping experience so much easier for those who aren’t quite sure what to purchase for their loved ones.

“If there were ever a perfect time to guide prospects with relevant and helpful gift guides, it’s in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day,” believes Seray Keskin on, “By offering gift guides in the form of emails, popups, or landing pages, you can help your prospects make a better buying decision and position your products as great gift ideas.”

Give out gifts of your own.

There are few marketing strategies that top the good old freebie. No matter what the gift is, you will be hard pressed to find a consumer who won’t appreciate the gesture. After all, Valentine’s Day is a gift-giving occasion. By giving gifts out your customers, you will grow your chances of attaining repeat business.

“Does your business have any products or services that support Valentine’s Day themes?” asks McCormick, “Promote or sell them on Facebook or run a giveaway. Think love, pink, hearts, friendship, teddy bears, flowers…you know the deal.”

Could you use some help getting your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign off the ground?

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