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How To Market Your Business In Anticipation Of Valentine’s Day

A month of 2022 is already in the books! As we begin February today, we are reminded about a very special day that is only two weeks away. Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. For retailers all over Canada, now is the time to appeal to lovebirds and fans of romance alike. Are you looking for some inventive ways to grow your sales in the weeks to come? Let’s take a look at how to market your business in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

Email Valentine’s Day cards to your customers.

This is definitely the time of year when “awwww” is the response you want to elicit from your target audience. Send out a digital Valentine’s Day card that expresses your deep appreciation for the support your customers have given your business. Focus on that appreciation as opposed to making the e-mail to “sales-y”. However, as Kristen McCormick suggests on, you’ll want to add a little special something to your e-card.

“If you have an email list, send your subscribers a Happy Valentine’s Day card and include a special offer or promotion along with it,” she writes, “You can market your offer as a special ‘gift’ for your loyal customers instead of promoting products or services for your customers to buy for their loved ones. This email functions as a “Thank You” card and gives you a great excuse to reach out to your customers again in a non-intrusive way.”

Offer free shipping on your website.

The ongoing pandemic is going to encourage many consumers to do their Valentine’s Day shopping online. Be sure to have your company website updated to reflect the wonderful sales you have available to celebrate the upcoming day of love and romance. Highlight your offer of free shipping. It is arguably the number one way to attract online shoppers to your e-commerce site over others.

“While almost every brand offers Valentine’s Day discounts, other incentives, such as free shipping, can differentiate your store from the competition,” agrees Seray Keskin on, “After all, free shipping is one of the top factors that influence online consumers’ buying decisions.”

Make clear your delivery dates.

Free shipping will always be a welcome offering in your online store. However, time will always be of the essence. It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day shoppers will want to make sure their purchases arrive well in advance of the 14th. Be sure to make clear how long it will take for your customers to receive their packages in the mail.

“Regardless of the time of the year, delivery is always a soft spot for online shoppers,” says Keskin, “However, it becomes an even more sensitive concern during the gift shopping season. When someone’s about to buy a gift for the special person in their life (to be given at a specific date), the first thing they check is delivery times. If you want to convert Valentine’s Day shoppers into customers, make your delivery dates clear and visible across your website.”

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