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Free Yourself From Fear

Do you remember having any fears as a child? How about being afraid of the dark? The fear of darkness is prevalent among most children, but not necessarily because darkness is scary. It’s the fact that they can’t see anything when it’s dark that prompts the fear. So realistically, it’s the fear of the unknown that many children possess.

This fear, to be fair, is not exclusive to the younger population. The fear of the unknown is something that most people carry with them into their adulthood. When you are unfamiliar with something, it is usually met with either hesitancy or disdain. Some people don’t even like trying foreign food for fear that they won’t like the taste. But how will they know without giving it a chance?

At Synergy Merchant Services, we are well aware that fear is a primary reason for business owners to be hesitant about taking merchant cash advances. For the most part, they feel that they are “in the dark” when first hearing about our innovative program. This is why we simply want our potential clients to have a taste of what our program is like before they commit to anything.

In other words, we happily offer free quotes with no obligation to any owner of a small to medium-sized business throughout Canada. This way, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to discover just how much money their companies are eligible for and what it would cost them to take the advance.

Once they have received this taste, we are confident that they are able to make a more educated decision about the funding options that are available for there businesses. We enjoy this type of introduction to our program because it is pressure-free. In addition to making our would-be clients comfortable about the process, we know that our program is a lot easier to participate in than getting a bank loan.

Banks, many business owners have come to realize, can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Feeling like you have to put your own kidneys or first born on the line in order to secure any money is often the case. Synergy’s merchant cash advance program, of course, requires no collateral or liens. (That includes your kidneys and kids!).

So although you may naturally be afraid of something that you’ve never heard of before, we encourage you to look further into the unknown. Give one of our friendly (we promise!) funding specialists a call to discover what options are available for your company. It’s time to get out of the darkness to see your business’ financing options in a whole new light!

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