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Finding A Friendly Funding Option

Why get a merchant cash advance? Naturally, this is a question that many a Canadian business owner will ask him or herself when first hearing about this innovative, alternative source of extra working capital. In many ways, a merchant cash advance is a foreign and strange concept to entrepreneurs in this country.

Of course, going to the bank is a much more familiar activity. Sure, owners are aware that they may be asked for collateral, to put liens against some of their assets or personal properties, be subject to an intrusive credit check and be required to submit a detailed business plan if trying to secure money from a bank.

Nevertheless, most often business owners assume that this is the only legitimate means to getting the money they need to grow their businesses. What else are they going to do, right? Well, Synergy Merchant Services proudly offers free quotes at no obligation for this very reason. We are aware that most owners of small and mid-sized businesses in Canada are unsure of how our program works.

By offering them a no obligation quote at no cost, we are convinced that these owners will be given the opportunity to adequately compare our option to the others they may have. The decision is always up to them. There is never any pressure to take the cash advance. It is this approach that has kept us very successful. So successful, in fact, that Synergy is proudly Canada’s top merchant funding company.

We have commented, in recent blogs, that the mainstream media is getting hip to the game when it comes to the lending practices of banks. Evidently, it is getting harder for small businesses in Canada to secure money from banks, even when they put themselves at risk. Of course, the risk of losing one’s business is always a possibility when borrowing money from a bank.

Not so with Synergy’s merchant cash advance program. No collateral. No liens. No credit check. We are confident that no bank can offer that. In addition, the best part about our program is the fact that there is no fixed repayment schedule. Wouldn’t be great if this was the case with all types of borrowing?

Imagine not having to pay back a friend who loaned you some money until you made enough money to do so? Well, if you have a generous and trustworthy friend, you may have experienced this kindness. At Synergy, we only get paid when the merchant makes a sale. No sales mean no payments.

It is a “friendly” way of receiving payment, if we do say so ourselves. That being said, we would like to, once again, encourage owners of small and mid-sized businesses in Canada to contact one of our licensed funding specialists in order to receive a free quote. We promise we’ll be friendly!

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