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Exploring Effective Advertising Strategies For Startup Businesses

For new business owners, it can be difficult to earn profits right away. Growing a customer base and boosting your reputation within your industry requires a lot of time and effort. Investing in marketing your business to ensure that it gains favour with members of the buying public is integral to its inevitable success. But not all marketing strategies are created equal!

Highlight the benefits of selecting your brand.

To reiterate, it’s all about standing out. Consider the fact that you may sell the exact same products as your competitors. Why should shoppers buy from you and not them? Do you offer lower prices? Or do you place greater value on the relationships you have with your customers? On, Mike Kappel insists that startup businesses adopt strategies that sell the benefits of supporting their brand.

“How you sell yourself is different than how you market yourself,” he writes, “You can tell someone that you provide a product or service that is cheaper or more effective than that of another business, but that doesn’t say how much better you are going to make the customer’s life. Selling is about the benefit. A comparison may highlight the features you offer, but you are always selling benefit.”

Make social media your friends.

It should go without saying that the Facebooks, Twitters and LinkedIns of the world are highly popular ways to interact with members of your customer base. Millions of people across the globe use these platforms on a regular basis. It’s not only important to stay active on these sites, but to invest some money into advertising on them as well.

“Two million small to medium sized businesses advertise on Facebook; it’s an inexpensive and effective way to market to virtually any audience,” says Ian Blair on, “Facebook ads excel at advanced targeting. They allow you to target a specific audience based on location, interests, age, sex, online behaviour, and many other factors. Creating Facebook ads is very easy. You just need a solid headline, a bit of descriptive copy, one image, and a link.”

Trial and error will lead the way.

The truth is that there are many different advertising strategies that work. But they won’t all necessarily work for you! Every business is different. Finding what works for your business will take some trial and error. In all likelihood, you’ll need to combine a few marketing ideas to discover which ones work best for your business. For example, launching a television commercial campaign alongside radio spots and print ads will help you to determine which of the three garner the most responses.

“It’s good to test multiple marketing channels and ideas to see what works best,” insists Kappel, “When your customer hears you on the radio, sees you in a search engine result, and then finds you mentioned in a blog they like (content marketing), they start to accept your brand as a solid, dependable, known entity. They may not have the need for your product or service immediately, but when they do, it will be your name that comes to mind instead of a competitor’s.”

No matter which advertising strategies you decide to go with, you’ll need to ensure that you can afford to implement them. Contact Synergy Merchants for information about securing funding through our unique merchant cash advance program today! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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