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Enjoy An Effortless And Efficient Experience

Thinking of expanding or renovating your business? Perhaps buying that much-needed new equipment or making the necessary repairs to your store? Are you in need of new inventory or are you looking to higher new staff? And by the way, are you thinking of maybe moving forward on any of these methods of growing your business over the next 30 to 60 days?

Most business owners aren’t so sure about how to answer any of the above questions. Our experience has shown us here at Synergy Merchant Services, that the majority of entrepreneurs would like to go ahead and grow their businesses but simply cannot secure the extra working capital needed to do so.

As both our blog and the mainstream media made abundantly clear last week, going the traditional bank loan route is equivalent to travelling on a rocky road that ends with a road block. Simply put, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small to medium-sized businesses in Canada to get approval for these loans.

That’s where we come in. Our licensed funding specialists take great pride in providing business owners with the information they need to discover just how much money may be available to them without the hassle of putting up collateral. Avoiding the standard credit check in addition to supplying the litany of other documents, our approval process is literally the quickest way in which a Canadian business owner can get cash.

One of the reasons we are so curious to know if you are looking for cash over the next couple of months is because our ability to get you that cash is so efficient. Within just five business days, our clients are provided with their merchant cash advances as direct deposits into their business bank accounts.

Many of these same clients report that just finding out if they were approved or not by their local bank took about the same number of weeks. They also happily declare that getting approved for a merchant cash advance was among one of the most effortless experiences of their working careers.

A simple review of last year’s monthly merchant statements is all it takes to get a quote. Synergy can provide a business with up to 110% of their average monthly debit and credit sales volume. So consider what your approximate average is and you already have somewhat of an idea about how much money we can get to you before the week is out.

So if you can answer just one of the questions that were asked off the top of today’s blog, you know it’s time to contact one of our reps for the information you need to secure the working capital you need to grow your business.

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