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Effective Approval Rate

It would be expected that most agents or ISO's for merchant cash advance companies focus on only the commissions they are being paid and don’t care much about who they are selling services for. Not true.

In fact, I have discovered that most agents find a greater benefit in obtaining higher approval rates rather than higher commissions. The fact of the matter is that agents make their money on volume of clients more than big ticket advances.

Some merchant cash advance companies may offer exceptional commission rates to get agents on board only to soon realize that the company is approving under 20% of all applicants. On the other hand, it may make more sense for an agent to partner with merchant cash advance companies that offer a much higher approval rate.

Synergy Merchant Services Inc. offer agents, ISO's and merchants an approval rate over 90% in 2007. For agents and ISO's this makes for a very competitive market for their expertise. There is power in the promise to approve.

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