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Crazy Cash Advances Create Confidence

Now that you’ve started your business, what are you going to do to take it to the next level? A lot of promising news has come out lately about small business owners in Canada feeling optimistic about the future of their companies. One of the often-spoken phrases around the offices is that “it takes money to make money”, and this is true now more than ever.

Our experience, here at Synergy, tells us that a business owner’s confidence grows when he or she has the resources necessary to follow through on a plan. No business owner that we have ever spoken to goes a day without considering ways to make his or her company more popular in the marketplace.

Often, an entrepreneur’s ideas are challenged and their plans are thwarted simply because of a lack of funding. This is not a situation exclusive only to business owners, by the way. How often have you found yourself saying, “if only I had the money, would….”. You may finish that sentence anyway you like and the point remains the same.

Imagine someone approached you on the street and said, “I have a way to get you the money you need to make your dreams come true”. Now, at first, it is understandable if you were to become skeptical. In fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that this offer was being made a crazy person!

But you have to admit that the prospect of getting the money you need would be an intriguing situation. The least you could do is ask a question and probe into how getting that money is legitimately possible. Now, of course, we don’t consider ourselves to be crazy here at Synergy. Far from it. However, we do acknowledge that, at first, the concept of a merchant cash advance may sound like a crazy idea.

We understand the skepticism that comes with first hearing about our program. What do you mean there is no interest rate? How can there be no fixed repayment schedule? Naturally, if you have never heard of these concepts before, you may be reticent to approach the matter with much interest.

Synergy’s merchant cash advance program has definitely boosted the confidence of many a small business owner in Canada. After a simple review of a merchant’s monthly merchant statements, we are able to provide a free, no-obligation quote that quite often quells any notion that one’s business plans are out of reach.

We look forward to addressing your skepticism and increasing your optimism. Join the many other Canadian business owners who are realizing their dreams by making more money with our money! Speak to one of our funding specialists today as a free quote is just a simple phone call away. Crazier things have happened!

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