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Continuing To Turn Summer Into Your Store’s Hottest Season

Are you enjoying the summer yet? In our last blog, we listed some great ways that retailers can maximize their retail sales all throughout the season. We listed bringing their stores outside, offering seasonal freebies and redecorating their stores as tips. But what else can you do to turn summer into your store’s hottest season?

Host a summer event.

Is there a better time of year than the summertime to host an outdoor event? Doing so will bring a lot of great attention to your brand. Consider partnering up with a charitable organization to raise funds for a worthy cause. Naturally, the event should also serve as a way to get the name of your company known to more people in your community. Be sure to have fun activities planned and tasty refreshments available.

“Summer is a time for celebration, so you can create an in-store event just as you offer a deal or contest on your social media channels,” suggests, “Whether a promotional party, product demonstration, or a free class, it’s a great way to introduce your business to new customers, push new products, and get rid of excess inventory. Even if customers don’t buy at the event, they’ll eventually convert.”

Run a competition.

Contests have long been known to generate a lot of excitement. Who doesn’t love the prospect of winning a grand prize? With summer giving you many opportunities to welcome new customers into your store, why not engage them with the chance to enter a contest? Drip CEO, Emil Kristensen suggests that retailers build awareness among new audiences by running social media contests.

“Importantly, competitions aren’t just an effective way to drum up some extra traffic and sales at a quiet time of year,” he writes, “They’re also a fantastic source of user-generated content, which is an absolute godsend for brands. Indeed, four-fifths of consumers say UGC highly influences their purchasing decisions, while just one in eight say the same about content created by brands themselves.”

Step up your social media activity.

It’s next to impossible to leave social media off of any list of advertising tips. Consider the fact that, during the summer, people will be leaving their homes more often. They will have their smartphones in hand in order to surf the net for things to do and places to go. With a strong social media presence, you will be able to capture the attention of summertime shoppers. Drop links in your posts and promote your store’s summertime events.

“Hold a closet sale via Facebook Live, announce a date and time for a deal, and spend 30-60 minutes selling new and leftover inventory,” recommends, “Invite all of your social media followers to join you. Email your customers regularly about new products, planned events, and special summertime offers. Take the time to say thank you for supporting your business. Being more active on social media will naturally create more leads and opportunities.”

Could you use some help getting your summer-based marketing campaign off the ground?

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