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CFIB Continues To Fight For Canadian Businesses

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business represents over 105,000 independent businesses from all over Canada, lobbying to protect the rights of their members at the federal, provincial and local levels of government.

For over 35 years, CFIB has represented small and medium-sized Canadian businesses becoming world renown for the high quality of their research and economic analysis.

In keeping with this trend, earlier today, CFIB released a report declaring that the 2007 City of Toronto Act that granted the city the power to tax and regulate smaller businesses has done a “disservice to small and medium-sized businesses” across Toronto.

As reported by 680News, CFIB's study found that in terms of economic growth, 74 per cent of respondents to a survey feel that the City of Toronto Act has done the opposite of its supposed intention. Toronto, as a result of the Act, has not become a better place to do business. 83 per cent of respondents believe that the Act has neither encouraged the creation of new jobs nor helped to attract investors to the city.

It is uncertain, at this point, what measures CFIB may intend to take in order to repair the apparent damage that the City of Toronto Act is having on small and medium-sized businesses in the city. Being a member of CFIB, Synergy Merchant Services has enjoyed the benefits of knowing that we are being fought for in times of necessity, such as this one.

CFIB's excellent reputation keeps us confident that they will work to undo some of the hardships incurred by the City of Toronto Act.

As their website affirms, “We are determined to strengthen the democratic system, promote free enterprise, and prevent abuse of power by government agencies, public service monopolies, corporate giants and trade unions. Our actions in the areas of tax, labour laws and public sector spending have brought real dollars-and-cents benefits to our members, helping them prosper.”

For more information about the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, visit them at their website:

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