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Celebrating A Year Of Daily Blogging

The Synergy Merchant Services Blog has been in existence since January 2008. However, it was last year this month that this blog stepped it up and became a daily information source for all of our loyal online readers. Dedicated to providing the best in financial news, current event stories and business planning tips, this blog has become one of the most respected on the internet…at least, we’d like to think so.

We’d like to take this time out to thank all of you who continue to read our blogs. Of course, establishing a blog for your company website is a key ingredient in generating as much traffic as possible for your site. Especially when certain current event pieces are extremely popular, online users typing that topic into search engines are more likely to be directed towards your site if you’ve blogged about it.

The BP oilrig mishap that took place this past April, for example, was a hot topic in all of the news media. For both its impact on the environment and the business world, we decided that it was an important issue to focus on within a number of blogs we posted througout May. Needless to say, it remains a popular topic with our readers.

We do, of course, also like to keep our readers informed about the financial world with numerous tips and pieces of advice for those who own businesses. With the obvious targeted client base of small to mid-sized business owners in Canada, Synergy works to readily provide information that they can find helpful. Naturally, we recommmend that they take a look into the merchant cash advance program we offer.

It is important to keep your options open. And our blogs often communicate this message by advocating awareness about the options that are out there. Many news pieces over the past year have commented about the difficulty that business owners face when approaching banks to secure business loans. It makes sense for us to pass this information on to our potential clients through our blogs.

The G20 Summit that took place last month in Toronto was another hot topic that our blog touched upon. Having the Synergy headquarters in Toronto, we are very keen on keeping up with what is going on in our hometown. The very controversial summit was covered by news media everywhere, but we also decided to look at this event from a financial standpoint.

Of course, we are happy that our headquarters is not located in the downtown core as there are business owners who are still seeking compensation for the damage caused to their storefronts during the G20 Summit.

On a happier note, events like this month’s Caribana festival and just about everything going in our fun-loving Vice President John Meloche’s life remain popular topics on the Synergy Merchant Services Blog. With John’s wedding coming up in just over two months, we’re sure we’ll have a lot to report to you about.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the past year of our daily blogging and look forward to maintaining our dedication to keeping you informed and entertained on a regular basis.

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