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Cash Advances Create Company Growth

What would you do with an extra $50,000 in your bank account? This is the type of question that we generally pose to many of our prospective clients who are considering a merchant cash advance. For the most part, we find that these clients did not previously have any specific ideas on how they would grow their businesses.

The reason for this has often been that they had no means by which to make their aspirations to grow come true. It’s no different than a person who takes public transit to all of his or her destinations. Chances are that this person has no plans to buy a car simply because it is likely not affordable. If this person was given the opportunity to receive a large sum of cash within the next five days however, the possibility of him or her buying a car would surely increase.

Very simply, Synergy Merchant Services provides business owners the opportunity to make their otherwise unattainable dreams come true. And while unlike a bank, we do not require merchants to specify what their plans are for the money, we do encourage them to consider the possibilities that the money can open up for them.

Most often, our clients utilize our merchant cash advance program for the purpose of renovating, advertising or buying new equipment or inventory. Our licensed funding specialists will openly admit that our program is not necessarily for everyone. Truthfully, if you find that you are in a situation where you are struggling financially, a merchant cash advance may not be your best option.

This is because our program benefits those who are looking to use the money they receive to take their businesses to the next level. This is important to a merchant because of the way in which the merchant cash advances are paid back. This is, in fact, the best part of our program. We only receive payments towards the cash advance through the daily credit and debit sales of a merchant. As a result, we ensure that no payment is unaffordable.

Clearly, we only get paid when the merchant makes a sale. However, we also know that it is important that a merchant can afford the small percentage of their sales that are used for their repayments. If a merchant has no aspirations to grow his or her business, this percentage may be difficult to afford. Merchants who are investing into their companies, on the other hand, find that this is the easiest way to make payments that they have ever experienced.

The seamless automated payment process makes it so easy on the company owners. They literally do not even have to think about it, as payments are made automatically through the daily batch outs of their credit and debit sales. In the meantime, the additional income that is being earned as a result of the renovations, advertising or new inventory that is being sold makes the repayments to Synergy that much easier to complete.

More importantly, these owners enjoy increased profits. The bottom line is that Synergy’s merchant cash advance program is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses in Canada to grow. When the money is used properly, it proves to be a great investment.

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