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Canadian Winter Determined To Come Early

The weather outside is frightful. And that's coming from the perspective of someone working out of Synergy Merchant Services' headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Living in Toronto, you learn to get used to the October air getting chilly. But weather reports have tonight's temperature hitting the freezing mark of zero degrees celcius!

With tomorrow's weather expected to hit a high of just six degrees, it has become more than obvious that the summer season is long gone. Torontonians can take some solace, however, in knowing that their city remains among the warmest places to be in Canada at this time of year.

A stark contrast to southern Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan have already experienced their first post-summer snowfall of the year! As early as September 29th, residents of Manning, Alberta woke up to see the ground covered in snow. An unbelievable nightmare to anyone living in Toronto, such a sight is apparently commonplace for Canadians living in the Prairie provinces.

Perhaps, this is the perfect time of year for Canadians to think about saving money. Of course, with the holiday season approaching ever so quickly, this may be a difficult endeavour. However, the concept of “staying inside” is one that will likely be considered pretty heavily by penny-pinching citizens from all over the country.

For others, staying inside is the last thing on their minds. Winter-lovers relish the icy and snowy weather, eager to begin ice skating, snowboarding or skiing. Especially for Canada's west coast residents who get to enjoy the mountainous regions of the country, winter sports are the ultimate thrill.

There will be no greater thrill, however, than 2010's Winter Olympic Games that will be co-hosted by Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia. Undoubtedly, people from all over the world will be only too happy to brave the frigid Canadian winter to take in their favourite winter sport and cheer on their countrymen.

Others, of course, including us Torontonians way over on the other side of the country, will only be too happy to watch the Olympics on television, in the comfort of our warm homes.

Is winter your friend or foe? No matter what, it is inevitable that it is on its way. For some Canadians, it is already here.

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