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Canada, We Thank You!

Taking a look at the blogs that we have posted over the past week, we couldn’t help but notice that the title of each and every one of them begins with “Canada”. So we figured that with our final blog of the week, we’d continue the trend. Of course, there has been tons of news about the Canada Post strike that has dominated this past week’s blogs.

Something that greatly affects small businesses in Canada, the strike has been an important news story for our industry. With that being said, we’d like to take today’s blog as an opportunity to thank the owners of small and medium-sized businesses all throughout Canada.

As has been mentioned many times over in news stories about the recession, Canadian small businesses make up the backbone of our country. In many ways, small businesses have ironically been huge factors in our nation’s ability so greatly bounce back from the global economic crisis.

Canada has been lauded as a worldwide leader in economic recovery and our small businesses have played a big role. Since small and medium-sized business owners make up our client base, it helps us to be very familiar with the fact that these are among the hardest working people in the world.

Determined and dedicated are just two adjectives that can describe the Canadian entrepreneur. Running your own business means that you need to take risks in order to get ahead. We are especially thankful to our clients who took the risk to take part in our merchant cash advance program in order fulfill their business goals.

However, in yet another ironic twist, our merchant cash advance program puts small business owners at far less risk than a traditional bank loan would. In fact, our risk-free program requires no collateral, liens, standard credit checks or fixed repayment schedules. Our clients are therefore, never considered late and do not have to worry about having their credit scores impacted.

When first hearing of our program, these unique details can sometimes be construed as strange or even unbelievable. But once learning about how merchant cash advances work, our clients come to realize that the program is the quickest and easiest way for small business owners in Canada to get money to grow.

So thank you Canadian small business owners. You do your country proud. You provide valuable goods and services to the nation, while keeping the economy strong. As always, we look forward to our continued relationships with you in hopes to make us all even stronger!

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