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Canada Confident About Economy

At the beginning of the month, Canadian voters made their voices loud and clear. It appeared as if the majority of them were yelling “thank you for digging us out of the recession!” As the polls showed, once the federal election had come to a close, Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be resuming his role as the nation’s leader.

Only this time, Harper would have a majority government with which he could govern the nation. With Canada – along with the rest of the world – being hit by a major recession in 2008, the nation experienced a major decline in jobs as one of its most significant impacts.

Unlike its southern neighbour, the United States, Canada has rebounded so strongly that reports have indicated that there are more jobs now than there were before the recession hit. Harper, it would appear, has been greatly thanked for his role in helping the nation find its way back from the hits taken by the financial crisis.

With Harper’s new majority government now firmly in place, it appears as if Canadians have high hopes for the economy. At least, this is what is being reported by QMI Agency today based on a new survey. Writes QMI: “The TNS Consumer Confidence Index rose to 99.7, from 99.3 in May.”

The article points out that there was also a significant increase in the expectations category rising from 104 to 108.3”. Is the nation out of the woodworks yet? Many would complain that there are still a lot of jobs to be had as there are still numerous citizens out of work.

While this may be true, it now seems as if Canadians are more confident now than ever that job opportunities will continue to pop up. Harper’s majority government, it appears, is giving the nation that much more confidence that this will be the case. Of course, he has up until 2015 to make good on the hopes of Canadians everywhere.

Said Norman Baillie-David, the vice president of TNS Canada: “Last month, Canadians were in a holding pattern, awaiting the results of the federal election. Now, that the election is over, Canadians have given it a thumbs up in terms of their feeling about what it means for the economy.”

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