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Benefiting A Chartered Accountant

This year’s Canadian Restaurant & Food Services Show at the Exhibition Place in Toronto was a great success for Synergy Merchant Services. We had such a great response at this show meeting a bunch of great people.

One client that we met, in particular, found that his interests were not to receive a merchant cash advance for his own business. In his line of work, he deals with so many different businesses that, at times, have made many attempts at getting approved for traditional types of business loans without success.

My client explained to me that as an accountant his responsibilities included completing all the forms and following the procedures set by the banks and underwriters. In many cases, he felt that his efforts were all for nothing because in the end many requests for funds would end up declined.

He was very frustrated about not having a source of funding for his higher risk clients.

Now that he has found Synergy Merchant Services he can offer his clients the resources they need most for building their businesses.

In the end this is a great situation for everyone involved. My client can now offer funding to a larger demographic of clientele and since he decided to turn his referral fee over to his clients, they are even saving money by attaining a merchant cash advance through him instead of going direct.

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