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Be In The Know

It’s no secret that Canadians enjoy making payments for their purchases using credit and debit cards. Of course, this is great news to clients of Synergy Merchant Services as they are able to take advantage of their future credit and debit card sales by turning them into merchant cash advances.

Many consumers find it wise to use their credit cards because of the many points and rewards programs that are available. It only makes sense to get something back if you are able to, any time you plan on spending money. Credit cards also give you the freedom to pay over time – not that we recommend it.

Obviously, the way that interest works on a credit card is not much different than how interest works on a bank loan. The longer it takes you to pay off, the more you will end up paying. One of the greatest advantages of Synergy’s merchant cash advance program is that there is no fixed repayment schedule.

As a result, our clients never have to worry about any interest accruing on their outstanding balances. It’s important to know exactly how much you’ll be paying for something before you commit to an agreement to pay for it. That’s our philosophy, here at Synergy, and it has done wonders to put the minds of our clients at ease.

The same approach can work equally well for consumers. Before making a purchase, it’s imperative that you understand what it is you are committing to. Will there be any additional charges other than the purchase price? Remember that in the event you are paying for a service and you have to make monthly payments, your charges may fluctuate.

With Synergy’s merchant cash advance program, our clients make automatic payments based on a percentage of their Visa, MasterCard and Interac sales. This way, we ensure that there is no chance that the payment is unachievable. Our clients also know that they will never pay a penny more than what they originally agreed to.

It’s always a good idea to be in the know. This is why we offer free, no obligation quotes here at Synergy, so that our potential clients are in the know long before agreeing to participate in our merchant cash advance program. Give one of our licensed funding specialists a call today and know how much money we can get your business!

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