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A Satisfied Staff Is The Secret To Success

At Synergy Merchant Services, we live by the adage that everyone could use more money. Reasonable enough concept, right? Who couldn't use extra money at any given time?

And while we feel that this is especially true for the many business owners across Canada who participate in our merchant cash advance program, it is also true for our dedicated staff as well. At Synergy, we believe highly in having our team work in a friendly and energetic environment. Of course, everyone shows up to work for a paycheque. Again, who doesn't want to be paid for their work?

But, at Synergy, we recognize that compensation is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping our employees satisfied. It is important to get to know what motivates our team to show up to the office every morning. We feel that we have developed a culture at Synergy that promotes teamwork, passion and believe it or not, fun!

According to Mike Lee of AutoInc. – the official magazine of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) – money is not the only thing that employees are after. “Good people are also looking for a group to be part of,” says Lee in his 2001 article entitled “Keeping Employees Happy”. “They want to know that their work is contributing to something of importance. Many people also want stability; a well-organized, high-morale working environment and growth potential.”

Acknowledgement seems to be a key factor in maintaining an employee's happiness. No matter what field of work one is in, many of us have had experiences with being reprimanded for something that was done incorrectly. But what about all of those times you did something great?

Even something as simple as a “job well done” or some other small form of appreciation can help to maintain a positive vibe throughout the workplace on a permanent basis.

Lee offers a suggestion for how companies can accomplish this: “Make sure you have a system for tracking and monitoring production, and graph and post these statistics weekly. Your best employees will feel acknowledged and, hopefully, the worst will feel the need to improve.”

Providing customers with the best possible value begins with making your employees feel valued themselves. As Synergy continues to work towards helping businesses throughout Canada prosper and gain greater success, we remain aware that our most important clients are ourselves.

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