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A+ Back To School Marketing Tips

Back to school season is here! In our last blog, we pointed out that this time of year is the right time to launch a big back to school event. To help you attract back to school shoppers, we suggested you create back to school bundles, offer student-only discounts and sent out back to school newsletters. In today’s blog, we proudly present some more A+ back to school marketing tips!

Create a back to school category on your website.

Needless to say, online shopping remains incredibly popular. It’s vital that your e-commerce site is well prepared to handle the additional traffic that comes with the back to school shopping season. As well, it’s important that your online store clearly showcases that it is prepared to meet the needs of back to school shoppers. Create a “back to school” section of the site and be sure that its tab is clearly visible on your homepage.

“One of the easiest, cheapest, and powerful ways to promote back to school products is to simply create a category or filter in your website,” explains Camilla on, “Good user experience on a website is the simplest way to attract people to products and services. Usually, these categories can be implemented by simply applying a filter to all the products that fit back to school marketing.”

Offer special back to school deals.

Perhaps, the most obvious of suggestions is the one to offer discounts. This no-brainer idea, however, should be marketed in a way that speaks to a variety of people in your customer base. Remember that, in addition to students, parents, teachers and other school staff members are all impacted by the changes that take place at this time of year. How can your deals make their lives easier?

“Whether you’re marketing to parents or college students, Back to School shoppers are budget-conscious,” notes Samantha Bansil on, “Attract them with Back to School sales, coupons, and flash promotions. The promise of savings is key to many successful Back to School marketing campaigns.”

Run a social media contest.

Social media are unquestionably popular with students. The majority of young people have a variety of accounts across numerous platforms that they use on a daily basis. Launch a contest on your social media accounts to elicit greater engagement with your brand. Offer prizes that speak to the needs of students who are preparing to re-enter classrooms next month. As Camilla points out, many consumers use social media to educate themselves about products.

“The back to school period is a great way to get a lot of eyes on your brand,” she reminds us, “That’s the perfect time to run a social media back to school campaign or contest. Your goal with these marketing campaigns would be to greatly increase interactions and followers. The new customers don’t have to convert instantly.”

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