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3 Ways To Show Your Canadian Pride All Summer Long

On behalf of the entire Synergy Merchants staff, we’d like to offer you all a very Happy Canada Day! Tomorrow marks the 153rd birthday of our nation, and we hope you’ll find a very special way to celebrate it.

Of course, the COVID-19 crisis will put a bit of a damper on things. But that’s no reason to not show your Canadian pride tomorrow. In fact, the first of July is certainly not the only day, during the summer, to celebrate Canada. Why not celebrate Canada all summer long? As a business owner, doing so will provide you with many benefits.

Here are three ways to show your Canadian pride all summer long:

1. Display Canadian flags in front of your store.

Arguably, there’s no easier way to declare “I love being Canadian” than to hang those wonderful red and white maple leaf-laden flags in front of your store. It’s a simple, yet effective gesture. All summer long, you’ll make clear to all walkers-by that you’re proud to be Canadian. And that will inspire others to support you as a sign of their own Canadian pride. This is an idea that Sault Ste. Marie flower shop owner, Tamar Tucker ran with near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The storefront of Tamar’s Trends Flower Shop is draped with Canadian flags and the owner is hoping the trend will catch on,” explains Christian D’Avino in a report for CTV News. “I wanted to show my support for all levels of government, in the fight against COVID-19,” Tucker is quoted as saying in the article, “They’re trying to do a job that I wouldn’t want, so this is the best way I can show my support.”

2. Redesign your website and social media accounts.

It could be as simple as adding a little maple leaf to your company logo. Of course, you can take things a step further and revamp the colour scheme to incorporate more red and white. No matter what you decide to do to “Canadian-ize” your online entity, be sure to promote it. Let all of your online friends and followers know that you’re a proud owner of a Canadian company. It will encourage those who wish to buy Canadian to visit your site over its competitors.

3. Launch a sale promoting the Canadian identity.

Do you own a restaurant? Consider conjuring up some Canadian-based menu items: hockey puck burgers, maple syrup sundaes, mountie margaritas – you get the picture. The possibilities are endless! The point, of course, is to draw attention to your Canuck-pride.

Do you own a clothing store? The same principle applies. Consider a sale on all red and white clothing. Perhaps you can order designs that reflect Canadian imagery. Baseball caps, t-shirts, swimwear, tank tops and the like – brand them all with maple leaves and offer them at special discounts. It’s bound to garner some patriotic interest.

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