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3 Ways To Get Your Store Ready For A Sizzling Summer

All throughout Canada, it feels like the spring has only just begun. But technically speaking, we only have about a month of spring left! As a Canadian retailer, it’s definitely the right time to prepare your store for what many consider to be the best season of the year. On June 21st, the summertime officially begins. And many new opportunities to boost sales will be presented to you. It’s up to you to take advantage of them.

How will you get your store ready for summer? Here are three great ways:

1. Take your store outdoors.

Canadians who absolutely love the summer often state that cold temperatures last far too long as they usually span from late fall to early spring. That’s an approximate October to April stretch. When the weather finally warms up, Canadians are quick to head outside. That’s exactly what you should be doing with your goods! Take your business outdoors and give yourself increased opportunities to meet and greet new customers.

“Get your business outdoors where the customers are and throw an event and make sure you have a mobile iPad POS to take transactions,” recommends Kellie Wong of Revel Systems, “Not only will your event attract more customers, but it is a great marketing effort to get your brand out there. Perhaps you want to set up a booth at your local summer festival or have a sidewalk sale.”

2. It’s party time – and all of your customers are invited!

At least, this is the sentiment that should be part of your ongoing efforts to significantly boost sales during the warmest months of the year. Who doesn’t enjoy a good party? And, more importantly, why wouldn’t you want to host an event that will help to enhance the reputation of your business throughout its neighbouring communities? As Monica Zent suggests on, you should celebrate the summer by hosting an event.

“Any kind of open house or get together will be fun and a great way to thank and celebrate your customers,” she writes, “It’s also a great time to host an event for your internal team. Get your team to bond and know they are appreciated by taking them to a fun event off-site, maybe an outdoor concert, camping or an amusement park.”

3. Become a social butterfly on social media.

Especially if you’re looking to attract a younger audience to your business – and who isn’t? – you’ll want to make use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as much as possible before the summer starts. None of your social media accounts should be without notices of your sales events, parties, discounts and new items.

“Did you know that 68% of millennials get the news from social media?” asks Wong, “Social media has always been crucial for businesses, especially for those in retail…In today’s world everyone is connected so make sure your followers are always up-to-date on your fun summer happenings. Even start a cool new summer hashtag for your business so that customers can jump in on the fun and help promote your business for you on social media.”

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