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3 Reasons To Renovate Your Store Before Summer

With the start of the summer season coming in just two months time, right now may be the best time to consider renovating your store. Just as summer provides most Canadians with reinvigorated feelings of excitement and joy, your newly-renovated store can work wonders in re-energizing both your customers and employees.

There’s nothing like a fresh new look to give your business a fresh new start! But, perhaps, more importantly than making your place of business look better, your renovations can help your store to generate business in ways it couldn’t before. In today’s blog, we’ll give you a few important things to consider.

Here are three reasons to renovate your store before summer:

1. Renovations can provide your storefront with greater visibility.

Remember that when renovating your store, you can produce eye-catching changes to the appearances of both the inside and the outside. Your ability to turn heads and encourage walkers-by to walk inside will go a long way in growing your business. And, to do that, your storefront signage will need an overhaul. As Jean-Pierre Lacroix points out on, renovations should help make store locations visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

“In many categories such as fast food and petroleum, curb visibility is critical in driving sales as consumers tend most often make their final decision while driving,” he writes, “Sightline detractors such as trees or building to restrictive developer standards are important factors when determining if the new location is right–and may also be a key motivator for relocating the store.”

 2. Renovations will help for better product displays.

Some stores simply don’t have good ebb and flow. Are your products easy to find? Are your displays visually appealing from far distances? Are you maximizing the space available to you in your place of business? Renovating your store before summer will help you to properly display your products in ways that will help to boost sales.

“Aisles should lead customers specifically to where you want them to go,” insists BDS Marketing, “When deciding where you will place certain products, look for ways to maximize wall and floor space. Use product placement to show customers more of what you have to offer, drawing them deeper into your store.”

3. Renovations can give customers greater access to parking.

Ample parking space is quite often a reason a consumer will choose to either buy or not buy from a particular retailer. Who doesn’t like to find a parking space close to a desired shopping destination? If you own the property where your place of business is located, a revamped parking lot may become a huge part of your store’s future growth.

“A key predictor for the success of many types of retailers is customer access to inexpensive parking or high pedestrian foot traffic,” says Lacroix, “Not enough parking availability, or conversely, a lack of strong foot traffic, are clear indicators the given location is not ripe for a new store location; or the current location is not meeting its optimum performance.”

Please don’t assume that you can’t afford to renovate your store! For over a decade, Synergy Merchants has been helping small business owners in Canada to renovate their stores with the help of our unique merchant cash advance program. Learn how quickly you can be approved by calling us at 1-877-718-2026 or emailing us at

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