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3 More Strong Customer Appreciation Strategies

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to offer up some ways for business owners to show thanks to their customers. In our last blog, we listed sending personalized gifts, providing top-notch customer service and responding to feedback as suggestions.

Here are three more strong customer appreciation strategies:

1. Send handwritten notes.

This suggestion often comes up as a top way to thank customers. What makes it so special is that, in 2022, handwritten notes are rarities. Most of us are quick to take to our e-mail accounts or even our messaging apps to send out words of appreciation. A handwritten note, however, is an “old school” and highly personal way to communicate just how thankful you are. The effort put into writing a thank you note by hand will not go unnoticed.

“I believe that handwritten thank you notes and personal touches are becoming a lost art,” says Julie McQueen of CarbonTV on, “Every week, I dedicate a few hours at the end of my workday on Friday to handwriting notes to people who have meant something to our company or assisted with our growth. We have millions of viewers and thousands of people indirectly involved, but even if I just write 15 notes a week, it makes a big impact.”

2. Celebrate the successes of your customers.

If you work in a B2B (business-to-business) industry, you know just how important it is to celebrate the successes of other business owners. The success of your business actually depends on the success of its clients. Therefore, it only makes sense to do all you can to publicly showcase just how successful your clients are. Utilize your website and social media accounts for celebratory shout outs!

“Did their marketing team just launch a successful campaign?” asks Upland Software, “Send them a treat and a card of congratulations for their hard work. Host annual customer awards and have your customers send you their success stories so that you can share them far and wide. It allows you to give your customers the recognition they deserve while showing off the amazing companies you work with.”

3. Offer up loyalty rewards.

Arguably, there’s no better way to say “thank you” than to offer rewards to customers for their loyalty. It’s a win-win situation to begin a loyalty program. Firstly, it demonstrates your gratitude to those who regularly support your brand. Secondly, it encourages long-term support on a large scale. Who doesn’t like being rewarded? Consider a program that offers points for spending that can be redeemed for future freebies. Your customers will love it.

“There’s nothing better than being rewarded for showing your support and interest in a company,” argues Tiffany Gaines of SS Global Entertainment on, “What better way to return the favour than to offer a reason to come back? This can be done through accumulated bonus points, post-purchase discounts, free gifts, etc. This helps with customer retention but, most important of all, it keeps customers happy and coming back.”

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